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    how far to saona island

    staying in punta cana and would like to know how long to drive to catch a boat to take you to saona island? and hopw long is boat ride to island . please not gringo price !
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    New hotels for Puerto Plata?

    it would help if the flights into puerto plata were less than any other airport on the island. this would greatly help tourism to the north coast and induce more investment
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    North Coast Hotel

    what about Velero in cabarete?
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    what happened to IGUANA MAMA

    i see 338 views but no info? any idea why they closed ?
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    what happened to IGUANA MAMA

    came back to town for a visit and i see its all closed up. not enough tourists to keep them going ?
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    Water Supply Problems on the North Coast

    are all these water problems affecting the supply of bottled water to the north coast?
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    tours from punta cana

    looks likes more of educational tours thru the barrio and country life.looking for more adventurous .i,m sure they are available
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    tours from punta cana

    a friend of mine is coming to punta cana in march what excursions would anyone suggest. i know there,s saona island but was wondering what other tours there are and any approx prices would be appreciated
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    question about labadee and haitian deforestation

    just got back from labadee. i noticed miles and miles of hills with all the tree,s still there . is it just certain parts of haiti like port o prince that are so denuded to cause mudslides etc? how far is labadee from cap haitian ?
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    Andouille Sausage

    not hard and it is usually used in jumbalya . famous from new orleans
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    Chiropractor in Cabarete

    thanks all i have already made appt with dr mason for today
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    Chiropractor in Cabarete

    i know there used to be a chiropractor at servi med in middle of town awhile ago but he moved i think above a laundry by apartments right before calle loma. is he still there and does anybody have his name and phone # . thanks for all the help
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    Elvis Bar

    had a pizza at coconuts on hideaway beach and it was excellent
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    Excavation on Hill in Sosúa

    anybody have any pictures to post on waht they are doing?
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    Las Galeras vs Las Terrenas

    a friend of mine is thinking of visiting one or both for a week or 2 and figured i would ask for opinions as the the best and worst of each one. thanking all in advance.
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    Cangrejo bridge closed due to major structural failure.

    just exactly where is bridge. just after airport or before you get to airport from Sousa
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    Amber Cove Rip Off

    i do the same thing when i go back. only thing is they immediately brings the dogs over to sniff
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    Amber Cove Rip Off

    came in on a cruise ship to amber cove . have been coming to DR for almost 20 years . love monte real coffee and was almost out . went to duty store and they wanted 22 usd for a large bag!!!! toke a taxi into la sirena and brought 10 bags at 285 pesos each which is about 5 usd and 10 cents ...
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    gua gua price

    could anyone advise me the gua gua price from amber cove to puerto plata? also any idea of the taxi price? thanks for all your help
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    looking for Monte real coffee!

    correction the 16th