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    Bad Publicity for Lifestyle

    If that is the one in Cofresi, that hotel is horrible. I stayed there for a wedding and I'll never stay there again.
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    New entry procedures

    What are they going to do with Dominicans that will not do E-Ticket? Including my old parents? That is not going to last one day after it is made mandatory. It will happen the same thing that happened with the Covid test at the Airport. People are going to riot.
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    New entry procedures

    I filled out entry and exit form online. I emailed it to myself and printed it. Nobody asked me for it in PUJ when I entered and left the DR. I won't be filling this form again. It is a waste of time. I don't see of thousands of us Dominicans leaving abroad filling up this form online. It...
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    Delta cancelled my STI to ATL flight, should they compensate me?

    I was supposed to traveled today on Delta from STI to ATL, but my flight got cancelled, because the plane had mechanical problems. They offered hotel, transportation and food voucher to everyone but i didn?t take it, because i live 15mi from the Cibao airport, my question is, Delta should give...
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    Have you become a Dominican Citizen yet?

    I'm kind of curious, how many of the foreigners that had been living in the DR for 5yr or more had become Dominican citizen? If you are not Dominican citizen yet, why NOT? If you went through the process to become a DR Citizen, how the process works? Did you received a Certifice of...