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    going to boca chica in two weeks

    There are lots of great hotels in BC, and it isn't really that bad if you don't go looking for trouble
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    Boca chica

    I love it there, been going there for 35 yrs
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    tourist card

    how long can you stay on a tourist card and is there a new law for staying over the tourist card a law that came into effect on jan much would i have to pay if i have stayed 4 months? came here in oct 10th and leaving feb 23rd
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    Hello, It's been much are things right now...lets say the average price of a nights stay in a guest house (I know they can go from ...A to Z! But the average!)to rent a car for one day.....the cost of public transportation from Boca Chica to the Capital.....a beer...a bottle of...
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    When I go on to the DR1 says that i'm not registered and I must login and register......and I have no idea what my login number is.....or my password....the way I got on recently was thru a old article I put in favorites, and then click on that and come in the back door......I've...
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    Back after a lonnnng while

    How is everyone? I haven't been here for quite some time. Jan if your still around (Jan the one with Snuffy?)are you still here....hillbilly are you still around ? how about criss and golo and wud? have not been here since all the crap about 8 months I just quit coming around...e-mail...
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    Need travel help

    I put a post on the open fourm....under ? I about travel from toronto area to the DR....any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Travel to the DR

    Hope someone can wife and I are looking for a flight to Santo Domingo or La Romana.....we have left it to the last minute and can't find a flight because of the March break for the kids. We would be willing to leave from Detroit or Toronto,London (ontario)Windsor....we have looked but...
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    Winters Finally Come! Southwestern Ontario, are getting warnings on the TV, every 5 minutes of a huge Winter Storm coming tonight! So for all you Canadiens down there be happy your there, as we are getting ready for our first storm of the winter.....and to think most of the Golf Courses had the "pins" in...
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    Rob and Delores

    I think it would be a great idea if someone who is single and planning on moving to the DR, after a vacation in "Paradise" should be sent to e-mail Jan....(one of regulars, who has recently moved to the DR)and ask and be told the "real" story about how difficult it is to move to the DR. There is...
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    Looking for someone

    Does anyone in Santiago, know of a fellow named Gary Lajoie....he is Canadien and I believe he is working at a car dealership in town there. He used to own a small hotel in Boca Chica, about 2 years ago....then moved north. If anyone does know him could you please give him my e-mail address.....TY
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    Criss Colon

    Hi Criss: Could you please take the time to e-mail me, I've lost your e-mail and when I go on this board to e-mail you it says you don't want to accept them! Thanks Criss. Doug
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    A Tour

    Could someone please give us some help! The wife and myself are planning a trip all over the entire island, in February. As for guest house's or hotels....what is the average price for a decent room in the interior....we know the cost on the coasts is around....anywhere from 20 bucks to 50...
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    Question for Rob

    Rob: Beside the open sign there is a lightbulb, once in a while that lightblb is shadowed by yellow and on some other,legal and so on ....sometimes it isn't shadowed by yellow.....why is this? Does this mean the amount of activity?
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    For Male Chauvanists

    How many men does it take to open a beer? None it should be opened by the time she brings it! How do you know when a women is about to say something smart? When she starts by saying.."A man once told me...." Why do men pass wind more than women? Because women never shut up long enough to...
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    How about we have a joke of the day? Each day someone could put up a good joke to put a smile on everyones face! We would have to keep them clean of course! Or a brain teaser. Here's one....Three guys go into a hotel, the clerk says the room is 30 bucks. Each guy gives 10 bucks. The Manager come...
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    Some Suggestions Please (Long)

    Douglas and I are planning to come to the DR in late February(our plans have changed from early Feb to late)and stay for 2 or 3 weeks. Our plans are to trip around the island the whole time, staying for a day here and there. We believe we are going to go by bus instead of renting a bike or car...
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    Sure Fire way to win at Roulette

    A friend of mine just explained a sure fire way to win at roulette; See if anyone can pick any holes in it! First you play red or black consistanly....every time! You put ....lets say 10 bucks on either(say red....even money) You keep doubling every time.....that's if you...
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    In another thread people were talking about "tipping" the thread was the "Haiti" thread, and it was being said that Canadiens were or are bad tippers, I totally disagree, I've seen and heard that Europeans are the worst! Maybe the Canadiens that you've encountered are just smarter than the...
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    A Dominican Newspaper

    Does anyone know of a Dominican Newspaper that is in English, or a site that translate a existing paper into English? I know we have DR1.....but it is kinda small and I would like a paper that covers everything......If anyone can help me out, I would appreciate it. Thank You Doug