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    Earthquake at 7:11

    The building in Santo Domingo shook for a few seconds but the dogs and cats didn't react.
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    2021 Hurricane Season

    Heavy rain and light to moderate gusts in Santo Trafficjam near Bellas Artes.
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    Bulwer Lytton Fiction Contest
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    Domex Courier

    Domex is the current carrier for the US Embassy for passports.
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    Suffer from Tinnitus?

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    Monorail coming for Santo Domingo and Santiago

    Oh; the Metro. 😐 That's a two track train not a monorail.
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    Monorail coming for Santo Domingo and Santiago

    That's a teleferico (cable car). I haven't been on it yet but it 's a great way of moving people across heavily congested areas with minimal impact. Efficient but less sturdy than a monorail IMO. It has
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    Next Week's Agenda

    Make it simple, set up concentration camps.
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    Political ideology in the DR

    We all stupid. :coffee: I've been here 18 years and when I ask a Dominican friend to explain a particular point of Dominican politics my eyes roll back in my head. We're not in Kansas European and Latin American football loyalty comes close to describing Dominican politics. The old days of...
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    Political ideology in the DR

    Kleptocracy Bingo
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    President Danilo Medina says his goodbye in the town of Neiba

    "Able was I ere I saw Nelba."
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    lo que vs. que

    When you hear someone start a sentence with Lo que pasa es..." reach for your wallet.
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    It is getting crazy in Nagua

    On the plus side the name Nagua isn't racist like this place name:,-70.0509678,2830m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m8!1m2!2m1!1snigua!3m4!1s0x8ea55dffaaaaaaab:0x80bbe57534f66273!8m2!3d18.3832533!4d-70.0532913?hl=en
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    Imprudent truck drivers to face trial

    I've seen trucks from both companies barreling down secondary as if they were the Coral Highway.
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    When you are an idiot...

    Her we have two drivers who each got their driver license in a box of corn flakes.
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    New Moderator

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    2020 Hurricane Season

    I hope there was enough rain to fill the reservoirs. CAASD has been water rationing.
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    2020 Hurricane Season

    Tornados always find trailer parks Tropical storms always find drama queens.
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    2020 Hurricane Season

    It started raining heavily at about six thirty PM. I read until the light faded and I fell asleep. It was still raining. I was awakened at one thirty AM by heavy rains and gusty winds. I stayed up and it has been raining off and on since then.
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    2020 Hurricane Season

    This could go on for awhile.