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    George Menezes-Missing in Boca Chica

    Did you find anything about the guy who's been missing from the BoatHouse for a fair few months now?
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    Dominican entry into Europe with the mass?

    Can Doms get into any relevant countries that may allow them to join the gravy train into Europe? I am wondering where they can get to without a visa that may make passage easy as all borders are open, well, were open, they missed it. But could have been a big opening for them. I say this as we...
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    Dominican contribution to the US, but not at home. So I see these fellas are making a respectful contribution to thier host country, yet I have never seen this vomit green banner waving army in DR.
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    Doms caught on Cam!

    All these US cops wanting thier 15minutes of fame lately got me thinking, we never get many PN caught on cam doing nasty, why is that. So I decided to open a thread dedicated to those clips of the Dominican cops, and robbers caught in the act. There must be stuff about.
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    Caribbean with Simon Reeve was on BBC the other night, from DR.

    BBC iPlayer - Caribbean with Simon Reeve - Episode 1 Nothing interesting, just a BS look into the two different sides of the country, and Island and the 'work' of the Anti Narcs. Some BS, some mildly interesting to newbies but I suppose most of you will know what to expect. It's an hour long.
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    Am I like semi banned again or something?

    Log in, logs me out, write a post, post it, not authorized. logs me out again. Am I in the fruit bowl or had robert put cheap betteries in the server?
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    What are peoples views on what the courts recognise as the definitions. It has only come to mind when going through the Authorization to leave process with a child. Either of the parents can have 'custody', but if the parent leaving does not have outright custody then they in the eyes of the law...
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    Bank charges

    I know my UK bank sticks a 2.5% charge on anything I do overseas. What about cou ter withdrawals at Banco popular, Last I used was 3% for the luxury. Only other way of getting out more than ATM limits would be using Western Union, to myself then avoid all charges other than the ?3.90 fee for...
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    Please help, 3 legged kitten in sorry state needs you!

    So once again my heart strings were ripped out. I heard this crying coming from a bin bag, lying in the baking sun. Went over ripped the bag open and found a little kitten with one of its back legs ripped off at the knee, half its hair missing and covered in glue of some sort. So I did my duty...
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    Celebcrating Christmas 24th.

    For many years I have not understood the reasoning behind Dominicans celebrating Christmas on 24th. Last day of advent? Well, ask and most probably don't even know what advent is. I know many countries, even some in Europe celebrate, or begin celebrations on 24th, as in finishing off cooking...
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    Dominicans first passport process time?

    Anyone have any idea how long a first passport takes to process for a Dominican? Dominican passport!
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    Kidnapped for christ, in DR, Jarabacoa to be exact.

    Watch Kidnapped for Christ Online Free Putlocker | Putlocker - Watch Movies Online Free Some of you will not have seen it, probably not interested in seeing more freaks and people making loads of money from others misery, but...
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    Helping hand of the Mail.

    Britons in Caribbean warned of chikungunya virus sweeping across islands | Daily Mail Online
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    Real flying visit, but best decision I think. Dogs killed.

    My buddy had recently settled in Santo Domingo, just bought a place on the other side of the river, nice new build, decent area. Decided to fly back to get the dogs and tie up a few things back home. Just before they went back they were robbed at gun point leaving their house, as he get out to...
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    A little suggestion to improve the forum

    As no one other than Rob and the Mods have figured out the search functions, I think there is obviously something there that is never going to improve, still the same after all these years. Would it be an option to have a 'tag' option for threads we want to keep an eye on, knowing that the...
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    Can I rent a car for someone else?

    I wasn't sure but I didn't think I could as when I have rented I have always had to have the same card as I booked it with. Does anyone know a company that I will be able to rent and pay for a car to be used in someone else?
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    Education and the law (sending kids to school)

    I expect this is one of those ones that nobody knows exactly what the law has to say on this. And we all know that this is a one of those that if it is a legal obligation to school your children, then it is not enforced. But out of curiosity, does anyone actually know what the law says on this...
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    Streetcams in Boca Chica, Santo Domingo, Juan dolio?

    Are there any, anywhere, live webcams on the streets like they used to have by the liquor store in Sosua.
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    A place similar to Plaza Real, closer to the capital?

    I'm trying to find a place a bit like Plaza Real in Juan Dolio. Kitchen, pool, pretty much independent, but not Plaza Real, and a little closer to the city. Don't want to be much further out than Boca, probably for about 2 weeks towards the end of Oct. Failing that then good deals on A/I would...
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    How lying became socially acceptable.

    And it is without a doubt something that is utterly the norm within Dominican society. Never have I lived with a people that are so defined by lies. People can look you in the eye and lie to you as if they were sincere that they were delivering news your mother just died. I have recently been...