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    Full review on the newly renovated AI in Sosua.

    I normally stay at Infiniti Blu but this last trip was short, so I booked at the newly renovated main AI in Sosua. Mainly because I know they renovated and there has been buzz about it. The place esthetically looks really nice. They have added more shaded areas, made more use of the front...
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    Rip Tides in Sosua Bay – Contrary to the word rip it doesn’t happen lightening fast…

    So, me and my girlfriend headed down to playa Sosua Saturday and hit the shore, popsicle floaties in tow. The water looked fine to me, waves a little big but nothing that looked crazy – so in I went. We promptly mounted our floaties, I slapped my arm on hers to keep us together and we both...
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    Interesting article - DR1 member?? Is this a Dr1 member. Why do I feel like I’ve heard this name here before?
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    Christmas Dinner the Colonial Zone

    This may be a tall order - is anyone aware of any Canadians or Americans in the group who have a restaurant in the Colonial Zone that is serving a North American Christmas dinner on the 25th?
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    Prostitute murdered in Sosua

    Hard to understand but seems like a foreigner killed or is being accused of murdering a prostitute in Sosua
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    Has anyone actually tried to use 911?

    Had a major electrical problem in my condo. Sparks shooting out of the box and electricity noises. Literally shat my pants. Called 911 3x and they kept answering and hanging up. I literally gave up. Condo shut of the power and gas and waited for help from the owner. Then another night I saw an...
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    Who is Ready for Marc Anthony?

    September 1st in SD - Just got my tickets!!!!! Who all is going to the concert?
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    Nail Shop in SD - but a good one

    I need to find a Canada/US caliber nail shop. One that has chairs with the pedi sinks - (not some lady with a bucket) and who knows how to do tips, dip nails, ombre (current styles) and has products like Shellac. If you know one please share. I have been here a couple of weeks and I need a...
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    Question about registering a business in SD

    and so goes the hamster wheel. I want to register a business here. I do not want to deal with any more ladroneasshole lawyers and am endeavouring to try to do this myself. 1. Can someone tell me the name of the department/ministry where I would go to do the name search and register the...
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    Question about the Legality of Prostitution in DR for Fabio Guzman

    Is prostitution legal or illegal in the Dominican Republic?
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    La Vega Car Dealer Recommendations

    I am looking to buy a vehicle in DR and it was recommended that I go to Moca or La Vega. Since I will be in Jarabacoa next week I would like to visit La Vega and check out some vehicles. Does anyone here have any dealers that they recommend in La Vega?
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    Taxi's in Sosua

    I am passing through Sosua next weekend for the Antony Santos show. I used to have a guy I could pay 2,000RD to pick us up at 7pm and stay with us until whenever we went home but his Whatapp isn't working. Does anyone know anyone reliable?
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    First Extended Trip on the NC

    For those of you have given living on the NC a shot - can you remember what the first couple years was like. First experiences? I thought I would start a thread to see if anyone wants to share.
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    Who is the primary driver of the Sosua Economy

    Based on published facts, does anyone have any published information or facts concerning the $$'s spent in Sosua and where those $$'s come from - tourism? types of tourists? Maybe someone from the Ahnvee project has some data considering that they must have done some research to justify the...
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    Chimpa la bimba

    I speak quite a bit of Spanish and am pretty fluent in DR slang - but can someone please tell me wtf "chimpa la bimba" means?
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    Pay Close Attention to Your Bills Sosua!!

    Pay very close attention when paying bills at restaurants and bars around Sosua!! In the past couple of weeks I have seen 3 occasions, all in different places where the staff recorded a different total at the bottom of the bill than what the math would have added up to! Restaurant - bill actual...
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    Sosua / Cab New Years Parties

    Interested to hear of what New Years parties are happening? If you know of one / some - where? music type? what kind of crowd?
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    To the idiot on the pasola in front of Playero...

    I was crossing the autopista out of the Batey entering the Playero parking lot on a GREEN light this afternoon. You were a older caucasian man with a hatian chica on the back of your pasola - speeding down the highway with no helmut on. You had a RED light and as you blew through the red light...
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    New law about checking your spouses cell phone

    Some Dominican friends of mine were telling me the other night that a new law was passed a few months ago that if you check your spouses cell phone - 3 months in jail!!!! Is my leg being yanked or is this true???? LOL
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    Dominican Hang Over Remedies Available on the NC

    I recently suffered a terrible hand over after a late night out in Sosua. Took a rapidita - didn't do anything :( Normally at home would take a Advil and hit up McDonalds in this situation but I couldn't even find Advil never mind McDonalds. Any tried tested and true remedy folks - no doubt this...