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    That was quick

    The mini golf was fun but kind of expensive. $20 per person for roughly 45 minute. Since it wasn’t busy when we went, the guy running it let us do the other 18 hole course. While it was fun, it wasn’t something that I’d do again.
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    Miches to get two new resorts starting October 2022

    I stayed in one in Cabo. It was certainly a couples resort catering to 21-75 year old couples. Lots of adult-themed games and adult evening entertainment (like weekly lingerie fashon show).
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    IKEA store coming to Punta Cana

    Anyone know where this will be located?
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    Entry and departure forms to be digital as of 1 April 2021

    This form is a disaster, especially in English. I couldn't get past the Date of Birth question. It kept bringing up a calendar and when I selected my DOB and pressed OK, it did NOTHING. Had to change to Spanish to finally get past the DOB. Next section asks for 1. Port of Embarqement/flight...
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    Online entry and departure forms for DR travel

    Been delayed to April 1st as per the news on DR1.
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    Transparency International says DR is one of the country’s with highest corruption ranking

    I was in the back seat of a car recently pulled over for a random check. Then I pulled out my phone and pretended to be videoing the event, we were only detained less than 2 minutes. These guys don't want to be fired for harassing drivers when they are trying to shake them down for a few...
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    Celebrating Our Lady of High Grace on 21 January

    The curfew decree says that the curfew starts at 12:00 noon on Saturdays, Sundays, and HOLIDAYS. Bet a lot of people think it's 5pm today ( and also Monday).
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    Online entry and departure forms for DR travel

    I entered my Length of Stay and Airline Departure flight number on the original form...but is there now another Departure Form I need to complete? Worst case scenario is that they don't let me leave the country.
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    Online entry and departure forms for DR travel

    So for future AI tourists, they have to worry about trying to find a computer at their resort to try to generate a QR code if their phones don't properly work with the immigration website? Great idea to try to automate things but there are way too many platforms that need to be programmed for...
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    Online entry and departure forms for DR travel

    Do I use the same QR code to leave the country? Or do I have to regenerate a different QR code by going back into the form? Lots of questions and very little explanation in the form...
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    Online entry and departure forms for DR travel

    Finally did it on my laptop and sent the PDF via my email to my phone (and also took a screenshot for my phone). This form is going to be extremely tough to use for English tourists as the English version has a lot of drop-downs that are in Spanish. There is a Symptoms section with lots of...
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    Online entry and departure forms for DR travel

    Anyone else try to complete this form on an iphone? I get to the General Information section and the fields aren't allowing me to fill them in...WTF? I got past the Security page but the first question asks about Permanent Address and none of the fields open up for data.
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    Dominican Republic launches new country brand: The Dominican Republic, The Republic of the World

    I read a travel magazine a few years ago that said Kubuli was the "Beer of the Dominican Republic". When I googled Kubuli, it said it was the the local beer in DOMINICA. Obviously the writer of the article never visited either country or sampled the beers. I think there would be confusion if...
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    Tourism in DR could restart with PGA Tour in September

    The WCG event was the same weekend in March and it conflicted with the Punta Cana event. Hoever I don't believe it was rescheduled yet so PC may have more top golfers if they want to take the risk...
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    Did the Brazileans really close? They has a President who was the biggest anti-social distancer who believed his people would be tougher than the virus. Not happening in the big cities. At least the DR started to close down before the hospitals took a big hit. Time to start to slowly resume...
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    All that it is doing is SLOWING the spread...if you notice that most health officials are saying that they are trying to SLOW the spread. Got to agree with you that social-distancing has not STOPPED the virus. The only way to completely stop this virus is to stop 100% of all human interactions...
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    Agreed - but for herd immunity to work, it requires a high number of the population is protected by having a PREVIOUS infection or has been VACCINATED. These two conditions are very low in the world. NYC did a recent random testing of random neighborhood and found their rate was around 25% which...
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    Apparently you need 75% of your population to have had the virus for herd immunity to work. Currently DR has 759 infections per 1 million people with a mortality rate of 4.2% Sweden has 2299 infections per 1 mill with a mortality rate of 12.3% Herd Immunity isn't working in Sweden when you are...
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    Big gap in time between stage 3 and stage 4. They should have just said "to be announced".
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    That video is UN-believable! Quite a few masks but also a lot of High-Fives....with bare hands... Not sure what the police vehicle was doing near the start of the video or the ambulance at the end...picking up the dead??