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    Kill it with fire!! "Goat killer" centipede video.

    They were tearing up a stone wall next door when this popped out. Eats mice and bats(!) among other things. About 10".
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    Yet another chef knife casualty..

    I recently got back from a two month visit to the states. When I got back I ask my lovely if she knew where my chef knife was~the one I had had for about ten years. It took about three days for her to fess up that she had accidently destroyed it while trying to crack open a coconut with it...
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    Yet another dog poisoned..

    We lost our six month old puppy last night. Rat poison, as usual. I don't think he was targeted. A hard loss as always.
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    Diabetic supplies

    Does anyone use blood test diabetic strips here? I want to know cost and availability of meters and strips for mi esposa's father, who's diabetes has gotten worse in the last year and now needs to be better monitored. Also looking for good online resources in Spanish. Thanks
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    Mugged, but unharmed.

    6:30AM~still dark. Two guys on a moto. They were mugging a commuter woman on a motoconcho across the street who was screaming for help. They had just let her go and I went out to help, thinking they were making their getaway. But when they saw me, they stopped their bike and went for me too...
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    Old documentary on Trujillo

    Found this while surfing YouTube
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    La Sirena Yellow Friday... never again!

    Went mostly for groceries, over an hour in checkout. 24 registers, 12 open. Like going to Walmart on food stamp day. Sale nothing special.
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    New expat Batida shop in Hig?ey

    One of the new businesses in town sells premade 16oz batidas for 30 pesos. Batidas normally sell made to order for 80 pesos, 100 pesos in some places. At 30, it's almost as cheap as making them at home. Worth walking the four blocks any day, esp since they're close to our nearest fruit stand...
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    The local economy

    The local economy in a nutshell. Any other ubiquitous local businesses come to mind? All but the poorest barrios: Colmados Salons/Barber shops Paca/Variadades Bancas Street Vendors Cyber/Nintendo Pica longa and other fast food stands Calle Principales: Gomeros/Repair Shops...
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    Our taca?o landlord...

    We recently moved out of our casita into a newly built two bdrm apt a few blocks away; we now rent our casita to mi esposa's sister. Like most folks, we've got a 1000 liter tinaco for water on our roof that's fed from a cistern.* This is more than enough for us for a week, which is how often...
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    Recipe for Longaniza?

    So, I've become hooked on this stuff. Garlicky sausage with fresh herbs in it. Any ever make their own? I'm mostly concerned about not knowing about the hygiene from where it's made and having it sit out all day. I'd make it without the casings.
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    Jose OShay owner retiring!

    Perhaps Frank knows more about this. No idea if the new owner will start fresh or keep the business. Saw a post on Facebook. I think Sunday is the big day.
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    Power packs and chargers.

    I've been doing most of my Wifi off grid with a $40 tablet and a 1400mAh power pack to extend the charge on it. My next trip back, I'll be bringing down a 6000 mAh power pack that is designed for use as a car starter/battery charger, but has a 2 Amp USB port as well. I'll also be bringing down...
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    Visitor visa for my wife

    I want to bring my wife to the US for less than a month next spring. We were married back in June. Nothing like a simple tourist visa? Would it be easier to get one of my brothers or my father to sponsor a different kind of visa? Mi esposa's is telling me I have to bring paperwork to a...
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    Online floor plans?

    Looking for online single story floor plans for Dominican starter homes. Something between 50-80 sq meters not including a secure carport. I see several common designs around here and can redo them with an app, but I'd rather just copy and paste.. My ideal would be a duplex that could have a...
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    Dominican *Concrete*

    Watching a build going on a half block away. They're pouring the slab on the second floor: Each batch is: 5 gallons water 1 wheelbarrow sand 1 wheelbarrow dirt 1 bag (94lbs) mortar No aggregate at all. I wonder what the rebar schedule is... This is why I want to shop very carefully for a...
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    Boca de Yuma?

    Mi esposa and I took a day trip to Boca de Yuma last Friday for lunch. We're going to go back for a night at a hotel, but the place was a ghost town when we were there. Lots of places that looked deserted. Does anything happen on weekends, or is the town dead? We'll go anyway to have...
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    JUMBO opens in Hig?ey

    Right across from IBERIA. We did a walkthrough last night and I didn't see anything that wasn't also available at IBERIA or Sirena. Still crowded with the grand opening sales. Anything you can get there and nowhere else? The bakery might have potential. Prices were nothing special.
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    Looking for Real Estate Broker in Hig?ey..

    Can anyone recommend a real estate broker? Ideally one that can speak English, but I can get by in Spanish I think. Looking for a nice solar, just north of Villa Cerro
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    Kids pounding for nuts driving me nuts..

    The neighbors have some big tree that is producing thousands of reddish drupes and the kids spend hours bashing them open with rocks all day. Me esposa said the nuts are almendra but I must be getting the spelling wrong bc nothing like on google.. a bit bigger than apricot pits.. what are they?