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    Horizontal Sliding Window Screen

    Do you have a cat? Once I got a cat, not even roaches entered the house. That cat was nice for pest control
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    Dominicans in Las Terrenas are fed up with Haitians

    Welcome to the jungle, we've got fun and games!
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    Job Interview

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    The good old days

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    Of Course!

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    What is happening at Juan Dolió??

    Can of worms
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    UN diplomats visit Abinader and enjoy Dominican hospitality

    I spend quite a bit of time in Kenya and believe me, they are far from mercenaries. Another thing is that Kenya's volunteering is highly political internally. Their President Ruto was trying to be a big shot and volunteered to look good in the eye of the UN, however his political rivals took it...
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    Haiti Has a New Prime Minister

    Sports Minister in Haiti. Wow, how sophisticated. I hope he can run fast. :D
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    When it rains...and not the wet stuff

    Get the crooks to chase other crooks? Besides, if they are working illegally, what would the board do for them?
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    Feds detail ‘grandparents scam’ based in Dominican; 5 NYC residents among 16 accused

    11 "men" from the DR and 5 "individuals" from NY. You mean "women" from NY???
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    UN diplomats visit Abinader and enjoy Dominican hospitality

    This is a tell-tale sign they are going to be doing something in Haiti soon. Maybe pushing the MSS mission, humanitarian or even peacekeeping (again). The HQ and all the supporting offices will be in SD. They did a recon and wanted a head nod for support from the DR. Wait and see.
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    Video: New Tunnel

    Lake in tunnel
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    Haiti Seeks Reparations From France.

    Benin also wants to get on board with the MSS (Multinational Security Support) mision: "Benin announced plans to contribute at least 1,500 personnel—a significant addition to the 1,000 policers officers that Kenya has pledged, and the smaller contributions announced by several Caribbean...
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    Will it make a difference?

    A highly political move, too.
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    US military airplane lands in Port-au-Prince

    Was that "Puff the magic dragon" with the 10mm howitzer mounted to it?