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    Former Mod AnnaC Has Passed

    She was a very witty moderator on DR1 and could counter troll-like comments with her sarcastic wit. But she was also patient, charming and forgiving. She definitely helped make the Mars and Venus forum very compelling and "binge-worthy." She connected with many members through the forum and FB...
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    Canada announces vaccine mandate for air travel

    The 2 day hotel stay cost them more than $1,000. for a 3rd class crappy airport hotel room with lousy food and a risk of catching Covid.
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    Canada announces vaccine mandate for air travel

    Yes he will be allowed to enter, provided he has a negative PCR test, andno symptoms of Covid. But he will have to quarantine. Only the fully-vaccinated, without symptoms, with a negative PCR test will be exempt from quarantine. We have international students and international workers who enter...
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    Getting out of the resort - Grand Bahia Prinicipe El Portillo

    I'm going for 1 week to El Portillo. I will do the usual touristy stuff. I'd like to see El Limón Waterfall, Los Haitises National Park and perhaps go snorkeling. I don't have a buddy so not sure if that's possible. If you read this headline: "Canadian tourist snorkels off the beach and is...
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    Canadian singer/songwriter with Dominican roots - Krystale

    Keep your eyes on this rising young star with roots in the Dominican Republic. Krystale Krystale - YouTube
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    Saturday, August 20 ? 3:00pm - 7:00pm Northwood Park Sheppard Avenue (between Jane & Keele) Toronto, Ontario The First Annual Barbeque Primer Asado Anual 2011 ( Al estilo Dominicano ). No te pierdas este gran evento !!! MUSICA BEBIDAS APERITIVOS JUEGOS BAILES FIGURAS ASTISTICAS DEPORTISTAS...
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    Not Just Tourists - Transporting medical supplies from Canada to the DR

    If you're travelling to the DR and would like to take medical supplies for the DR and Haiti, there's an organization that puts together packages of donated medicines, supplies, etc. They create customized packages for DR, provide the tourist with a letter, a detailed list for customs. They have...
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    Donating School Supplies in Puerto Plata

    If any of you who are visiting Puerto Plata and would like to drop off some school supplies, I found a public school with a honest and highly-recommended director. Address Gregorio Luperon, Calle 5, Escuela G. Luperon Barrio Nuevo They especially need supplies for the lower grades -- 1st Grade...
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    Toronto Star - Special Report on Haiti

    Here's a link to the Toronto Star series that's running this week (2010-10-17) on Haiti. Lovely`s Story -
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    Direct Flight from Buffalo to POP?

    Are there any direct flights from Buffalo to Puerto Plata? With the Jetblue flights that go to NYC, do you change planes in NYC or do additional passengers board the plane? Also can a CDN fly one way from Buffalo to POP and return with Westjet to Toronto? Thanks!
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    2010 Fall - English (ESL) Language Courses

    Here are some links to the latest (Fall 2010) FREE Occupation-Specific Language Training courses offered in community colleges and through the Toronto District School Board. Free Occupation-Specific Language Training Centennial, George Brown, Sheridan, Humber Niagara College ESL Course for...
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    Toronto - Punta Cana - $79.00 + $331.00 taxes & fees = $410.00

    Flightcentre has a pretty good deal 79$ Return for Sept. 17-24 Flights from Toronto to Punta Cana | Flight Center Canada
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    Toronto - Zacarias Ferreira concert Aug. 20 2010

    2010 concert details: Zacarias Ferreira ESTOFA PRODUCTIONS Y MAGIA RADIO Presentan a ZACARIAS FERREIRA ACLAMADO POR EL PUBLICO VIERNES 20 DE AGOSTO At UKRAINIAN CULTURAL CTR 85 Christie St, Area Bloor & Christie $35 Adelantado $40 Puerta Hosted by Keiter Feliz de Radio Voces Latinas...
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    Quebec woman adopts six Haitian children, bringing total to 14

    I really don't know what to make of this. Is there some sort of financial incentive to raise lots of children in Quebec? This 41-year old single mother, government employee (Haitian-born Canadian citizen) has just adopted 6 more Haitian children bringing the total to 14 since 1999. It's...
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    Puerto Rico sends the Love Boat to Haiti

    Puerto Rico sends the Barge of Hope -- the largest single shipment since the earthquake, the equivalent of 150 plane loads of supplies. Puerto Rico sends 'Barge of Hope' to Haiti -
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    Photography from some of journalists in Haiti

    Here are some images from the enormous destruction of Port of Prince and the suffering of the people. I'm sorry to read there's been another seismic event. Haiti six days later - The Big Picture -
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    Translation - Aqui hay gato entre macuto!!

    Could you explain the meaning and the origin of this expression please? "Aqui hay gato entre macuto!!" Thanks! :)
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    That Kanye!

    Check out what Kanye has to say now.
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    Online shopping from the Netherlands!

    Check out department store's web site ;) HEMA - online winkelen
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    Dominican film: La Soga @ the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival

    La Soga -- a Dominican film at the TIFF Saturday September 12 07:00PM Wednesday September 16 03:00PM Saturday September 19 05:00PM See the trailer and buy tickets here: Tiff 2009 - Soga