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    Last forum post for me!!!!!!!

    JD thanks for the cleanup. Three years ago we bought a new Tiffin RED 37PA and have loved it. So far over 18K miles on it. We are towing a JEEP Cherokee Trail Hawk. Bob K
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    Last forum post for me!!!!!!!

    Calm down guys. Yes I am a retired Doc and now "moving on" BObK
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    Last forum post for me!!!!!!!

    Where in south Jersey. I lived in beach haven for a bit.
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    Last forum post for me!!!!!!!

    Lindsey thank you. We wish you the best as well! Bob and Pat
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    Last forum post for me!!!!!!!

    It is with mixed emotions that I post this entry, my last post on this forum. My wife Pat and I look at life as a series of adventures and we embarked on our current adventure, to live in the Dominican Republic, nearly 15 years ago. We came here with the intention of staying here for 10 years or...
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    Easy, fast Covid testing if flying to the US

    We had the same thing. We were told we were one day too early (it was 3 days before our flight). I explained that it is 3 days. She looked at a piece of paper and said "oh you are ok to do it today" So we had it done and no problems flying 3 days later. Bob K
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    Easy, fast Covid testing if flying to the US

    Swab, no blood test. Bob K
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    Easy, fast Covid testing if flying to the US

    We did it at POP a couple of days ago. Bob K
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    Easy, fast Covid testing if flying to the US

    If you are flying to the US you need to get a covid test done within 3 days of your flight (not 72 hours but 3 calendar days). IF you have transportation go the the airport early in the morning (opens at 8:30) and get your test done there. It took us about 20 min total and you get your results...
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    US Exchange Rate

    Not much change in over a year. Yesterday 56.7 in Sosua. BObK
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    Shame on you Playero!!!

    Hiding stickers has been going on for a very long time at Playero. I will always peel away the "cover up" sticker to check the manufacturer's "expire" date.
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    La Roca Goes Up In Smoke

    Sad end to what at one time was a great place hang out. Loved their "residence only" menu and a bunch of us loved going to rib night. Bob K
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    to re enter usa from the dr ?

    As if today the answer is YES. But things may change over the next couple of months. BObK
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    Opening a Bank Account in Sosua

    I agree Santa Cruz is an easy set up. We have been banking there for 15 years with no problems and great service. Bob K
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    Dental Braces And prescriptions for Diabetics

    Most meds for type 2 diabetes can be found in most pharmacies.
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    Meds availability

    Lisinopril can be found in most pharmacies. Bob K
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    Fondue Restaurants?

    Food here is consistently good and the fondues are a good choice for a relaxing meal here. Bob K
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    Vaccine for visitors

    By Feb if you are not in a high risk group you won't even be able to get your vaccine back home, why would you think it will be available for the general population in the DR by then????? BObK
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    Laboratorio Puerto Plata Reliable?

    For the most part they are pretty good. Recently had labs done there and when returning to the US a month later I got similar results from the hospital lab there.
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    Help at airport for blind ex-pat?

    We have used Tony (one of the porters) for many years to help my very elderly mom. He would meet her and take her through passport control, immigration and customs. Very nice guy with limited English. his number is 809520-5353. Tell him Bob and Pat sent you if you contact him.