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    Haiti and Dominican Republic: canal, OAS, and diplomacy

    Isn't the 1929 treaty where we also turned over about 10% of the Dominican Republic over to Haiti, why not say fine and revoke the treaty seen they have violated it, and get all that land back.
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    Irrigation Canal at Masacre River

    I guess if Haiti wishes to void the 1929 Treaty, DR should take possession of all the territory we gave Haiti in that Treaty, it was a one sided Treaty all went to Haiti.
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    Need Recommendation from computer pros

    I I did study electronics in collage, work with computers at work, and have a small graphic design business on the side, I do know what reality is. Going below those specs will slow down your computer after 6 months of use, after loading programs and filling up your cacache and temp file. You...
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    Need Recommendation from computer pros

    Removed, forum may not like links from store
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    Need Recommendation from computer pros

    Yes do not buy a Chromebook, good for internet only. For today's OS and computer programs (apps) I would buy a laptop with: Intel Core i7 Processor, 12 gig Ram, and no less than 500 GB hard drive, there’s more things to look at but for me this is the bottom line that I would consider. Basic...
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    USPS system failures

    RE: ----I order a fair amount of eBay and most the shippers use the Untied States Postal System to ship to one of the freight forwarders in DR that I use RE: ----Of late many things are showing delivered (that are not) or they are getting lost in the USPS system and just stop being tracked in...
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    What US-based company’s unlocked phone will work with Claro?

    Metro by T-Mobile worked for me, try the link to see if you cell works in DR.
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    Santiago Genealogy Research

    Any information where this archive is going to reside on the net?
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    Dajabón River Reroute

    Could always take the land back and sell the land to China or any county that wishes more real-estate near the USA market, China would be a good buffer. Remember that area was about half the size of Puerto Rico.
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    Dajabón River Reroute

    Should just void the 1929 treaty and take back all the land we gave to Haiti.
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    Haiti poised for Civil War?

    Thanks, I removed the original.
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    Haiti poised for Civil War?

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    Haiti poised for Civil War?

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    Haiti poised for Civil War?

    I know there was an exodus. I wonder how many did leave?
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    Haiti poised for Civil War?

    In 1805 Haitian's killed about 25K Dominicans, that’s about 1 of about 3 Dominicans living at that time. The massacre happened especially in area of Santiago and Moca. I have traced my family to that area at that time, with one of three been killed I'm sure we all have to lose someone.
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    Haiti poised for Civil War?

    I agree unfortunately, DR and Haiti will have to form a confederacy. No wall is going to stop the Haitian Masses from going in to DR. DR is wasting too much money and resource on Haiti now. I have no love for Haiti, unlike many, I know our history, I know Haitians have killed my ancestors and...
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    The Cibao old families & Geneology

    After 20 years of building my tree that contains 3449 relatives, below you will find my notable ancestors and DNA data. Ethnicity Estimate Portugal 27% Spain 24% Cameroon, Congo & Western Bantu Peoples 10% Senegal 7% Northern Africa 5% Benin & Togo 5% Indigenous Haiti & Dominican...
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    Cristóbal Colon and the DR history

    One reason DR celebrates Independence from Haiti, is due to the genocide committed in 1805 and after 1822 by Haiti.
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    Anti Dominican Film

    I recently found this in craigslist, looks like they are doing a one sided film. I sent them an email, below. You may wish to look at the whole history of the situation. Fact is this same thing happen in the 1920’s and DR lost the province of Hinche the size of Santiago back then. This...
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    Need Webmaster in Santiago area

    Looking to partner with webmaster, I have done websites in the past, but I don?t wish to do develop them any more. If interested in been an outsource resources for my clients please contact me. I only wish to deal with in the Dominican Republic I prefer Santiago, in order to help my compatriot?s...