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  1. Bronxboy

    Hello from New York

  2. Bronxboy

    New Software

    Looking good.....
  3. Bronxboy

    Hello Finally

  4. Bronxboy

    Great Dominican dance group auditioning on America Got Talent

    The group just performed again. Who knows? They might take it all. Great group. Especially tonight's performance. x
  5. Bronxboy

    Happy Mother's Day

    I would have thought someone would have started a thread on the Ladie' s Forum already at least. Happy Mother's day to all members and mods. Feel free to move to a regular forum as I was not sure where this belongs and will leave out those moms that do not have the over 500 posts to see.
  6. Bronxboy

    My Family and New Business

    Snow Balls!!!!!! Funny Friday. Good luck....................
  7. Bronxboy

    Yet another chef knife casualty..

    This is what we had in the house. Yep. Still do!!!!!!!!
  8. Bronxboy

    Great New Rest. in Sosua and Caberete

    Yep. This is where I had the mangu for breakfast. I actually met the owner. Nice person...........
  9. Bronxboy

    Old Bay

    Make sure they are females. Females make the tastiest meat. Also, I am a big fan of the tamale females have. You know. The green and orange color stuff when you open. mmmmmmmm
  10. Bronxboy

    Bronxboy on vacation

    Currently having brunch at Las Palmeras while awaiting Meemselle. A typical mangu dish. Mmmmmm
  11. Bronxboy

    Bronxboy on vacation

    Having Rocky's famous ribs for the first time. Not really a pic person during vacation but felt like sharing. Mmmmm 
  12. Bronxboy

    Bronxboy on vacation

    Enjoying Sosua beach for the next few days. Anyone wants to meet for a beer or 2 reach out to me. Nice and sunny day at Sosua beach. Many enjoying a day off celebrating Duarte.
  13. Bronxboy

    Funny Friday

    I like her!!! x
  14. Bronxboy

    info on blue pill in sosua

    La pela!!!!!
  15. Bronxboy

    Empanadas and Pastelitos

    I like Tom already!!!!
  16. Bronxboy

    Empanadas and Pastelitos

    I don't either. I love them though.........
  17. Bronxboy

    What's going on?

    Recent trollers in abundance. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  18. Bronxboy

    Funny Friday

    Funny Friday:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
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    This looks great!!!!
  20. Bronxboy

    How do you do bamboo?

    Some do bamboo this way.............. Funny Friday