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    Shipping EVs - Uncontrollable Fire

    Yes! very good option,plug in hybrid even better.Smaller battery with avg electric range at 30 to 50 miles.stress free driving.
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    Shipping EVs - Uncontrollable Fire

    Perhaps in your morning rage you may have missed where I stressed that there are other priorities for the citizens of the are correct you also missed where I mentioned that I'm state side.So,yes, I don't feel the burn of scarcity when it comes to utilities.But as I have mentioned before...
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    Shipping EVs - Uncontrollable Fire

    The power of suggestion!!!!! some of the very same folks for whom precautions for a pandemic were and are "the sky is falling" and a doomsday scenario are the very same who are warning us of the collapse of society should we switch to EV'S.As if a container filled with gas vehicles has never...
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    best air conditioner brand

    Should you be in the 120 volt camp that is sometimes the case on the island don't let that be a the goal post that discourages you from buying an inverter unit.People are under the impression that somehow higher voltage means greater efficiency, it doesn't.Higher voltage simply means smaller...
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    I need expert electrical advise... need it fast.Why?

    As with most services there I see no main breaker, I see eight breakers but I can almost assure you that under each breaker is perhaps two or three wires. You mentioned having a 2500 square-foot house that kind of floor space usually has ample receptacles throughout which leads me to believe...
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    I need expert electrical advise... need it fast.Why?

    Running new wire in block walls in the states is often times a breeze and the simplest rewire situation an electrician can encounter.Most older homes which are block and or concrete walls have metallic conduit which is a set it and forget it rewire, out with old in with the new.If you're...
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    Steroids put in danger lives of young baseball prospects

    Heart wrenching. The lure of success whether it is driven by rags to riches and or fame and fortune dreams has once again shown how an unregulated market for pharmaceuticals especially when sports related can either be a blessing or a curse. And in this story it epitomizes what it means to be a...
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    Reliable Generator Dealer?

    Excellent choice and decision.I can tell you from years in the field on the residential side Kohler as well as Onan are great reliable, quieter,rocksteady gennies.Clean power and surefire startups are quite common while many folks prefer Generac I've seen and heard not so great things on the...
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    Tragedy in Santiago; policeman accused of accidentally killing a child

    You seem to be convinced that a piece of paper which says your law enforcement allows you to be judge jury and executioner at once in a split second, and that virtually any crime that results in a cop firing his side arm is collateral damage which is acceptable. Again, respect is reciprocal...
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    Tragedy in Santiago; policeman accused of accidentally killing a child

    I too guess I'm old school whereas I take all under consideration:1) perhaps alcohol may have played a part? imagine someone having the gall to play loud music on a weekend day at a festival no less 2) approaching an individual in a crowd where it can easily escalate to an unwelcomed situation...
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    Had a Santiaguera stop by and we ate a at Puerto Rican restaurant and their version is "pegau" the literal rice that is stuck to the bottom of the pot. She was in tears as con con is comfort food that brings about serious nostalgia. Taste and texture being 2 strong senses, needless to say best...
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    Switching to Electric Cars in The DR

    It's amazing how the power of suggestion can cloud some peoples views to the obvious.Without doubt there are some powerfully super rich fat cats who's main purpose is to protect their cash cows IE "Big oil".Where to start?Yes the current crop of ev's indeed leave much to be desired when it...
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    Reliable Generator Dealer?

    Hello Danny, since I don't know what your experience has been with generators in the past I'll not assume anything and try to offer advice without any judgment. I don't have to tell you the situation with the grid on the island because you experience it on a daily basis. From what you have...
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    Portable Air Conditioner Inquiry

    The reason they're so inefficient is because everything that the outdoor unit on a traditional air conditioner does is handled by a single hose as opposed to having the condensing unit installed outdoor. Even an older window unit can be more efficient than these portable jobs. As someone here...
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    Water Tank Without Tinaco?

    also this
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    Water Tank Without Tinaco?

    Back in 2017 in the after math of Maria I flew to PR with a crateful of goodies to ease the burden on family there.Along with 4 generators I also brought over a few gadgets I think may be of help here.One of the most convenient was a handheld portable camp shower head, basically a submersible...
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    happy medium with Inverter Air Conditioners

    I agree with your installers advice to a certain extent.Your inverter air by design is going to be efficient by the variable speed the motor was designed to work under.Higher temp bigger workload hence faster speed more power etc etc.In a large establishment you'll rarely ever see the cooling...
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    The ideal solar operated house?

    Lithium batteries still remain the "big ticket" item in off grid systems for a number of reasons. In no particular order, the elements in Lithium Iron Phosphate (Lifepo4) makes for one of the safest versatile chemistries you'll find.Not being susceptible to thermal runaway as stand alone...
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    Boston Celtics

    Al Horford encompasses everything you could ask for in a consummate pro.His greatest asset( in my opinion ) is one which there could never be a box score for...and that is maturity.The focus and leadership he is displaying in front of our eyes should be an example for every team not just in...
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    Why the blackouts; power service improves over the weekend

    Well "dude" my reply is for anyone who happens to be concerned about their utility bill as to whether or not it's on the up and up.You mentioned you were at a los for an answer and you have copies of your bills.So if indeed that is a pastime for you ( I prefer crosswords myself ) then by all...