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  1. thompstr

    Covid -19 infections skyrocketed in DR. They ask not to lower our guard against covid in America, due to a new variant and an increase in cases

    Were still taking flu shots for Spanish flu from 1918 Its your chose to get that shot, Just good to know about cases in Dominican, as I planning of coming down soon for another month Thanks for update Dr1 team
  2. thompstr

    another day, another fire in Las Terrenas

    Insurance??? Lol
  3. thompstr

    US Exchange Rate

    I Google search and got low too Must be a glitch
  4. thompstr

    US Exchange Rate

    Just did a Google search Use to dop = 33.20 And cad dollar way down too. What happened?
  5. thompstr

    Happy New Year?

    Happy new years
  6. thompstr

    Cangrejo bridge closed due to major structural failure.

    Think we've kicked this thread around enough. Was supposed to be about closed bridge....its open Close it
  7. thompstr

    Why no line at airport Immigration for Citizens at POP?

    In Canada, at Toronto we don't either,suck it up
  8. thompstr

    North Coast Hotel

    I've stayed there a few times,its ok
  9. thompstr

    Longer Days

    Yep, dark like 4:45 near Kingston ont
  10. thompstr

    Sosúa Beach Renovations

    Exact same issue I have, now don't even try to post pics
  11. thompstr

    Migration Announcement:No Cash for Overstay Fee

    Damm would be nice if I read Spanish Does it effect tourist?
  12. thompstr

    Trade to be allowed at the border with Haiti; Haitians subject to biometric registry when crossing

    Why not, I have to give my fingerprints every time I enter Dominican, I even think they have my facial recognition when I left from Puta Cana
  13. thompstr

    Hi from POP

    Good for you,im retired
  14. thompstr

    Montecristi now has two Wyndham hotels

    Never be Never being there Should be a good motorcycle trip
  15. thompstr

    Montecristi now has two Wyndham hotels

    Think I might go there in September...thanks for posting