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  1. nigrarosa

    No Water in Samana

    Samana is on the north coast sir.
  2. nigrarosa

    WTF is wrong with people?

    People that harm animals are truly the lowest of life forms.
  3. nigrarosa

    A new motel and bar for Sosua!

    Well now.
  4. nigrarosa

    Cangrejo bridge closed due to major structural failure.

    You guys should meet at the river with a ruler and end this pissing contest.
  5. nigrarosa

    Foreigner accused of sexual exploitation of minors sent to jail in Puerto Plata

    Someone should clip his Scrotum while he is in jail.
  6. nigrarosa

    Interior & Police disallows Haitian protest march in DR

    One bad apple dose not spoil the bunch.
  7. nigrarosa

    PC/Bavaro things to do

    If you want a real adventure check out Fun Buggy Punta Cana. I can not say enough about this tour. It is run by a Belgian expat. A great day.
  8. nigrarosa

    Lions Club in the DR.

    There are many tigers, but not many lions in the D.R.
  9. nigrarosa

    Passing through the bulge

    Wow, you learn something new every day.
  10. nigrarosa

    Very Sad News…MountainAnnie Has Passed

    Flyinroom said it best. R.I.P. Annie.
  11. nigrarosa

    Grand Paradise Samana to be revamped into Wyndham Alltra Samana

    The location was great, but the beach at the resort has a lot to be desired, they had ninety percent of the bay in front roped off that you had to pay to snorkel. The room was really rough and the food was horrid. The location is the only good thing about this resort. This was 2008.
  12. nigrarosa

    Grand Paradise Samana to be revamped into Wyndham Alltra Samana

    I have stayed there. You can paint a turd, but it's still a turd. The WORST resort I have ever stayed at and I'm easy to please.
  13. nigrarosa

    Body of Canadian who disappeared after sinking boat in Cabeza de Toro recovered

    That's scary, I was just out in a charter off Sosua 2 weeks ago. You have to stay aware.
  14. nigrarosa

    Punta Bergantín

    That water is not very clear, the run off from the river is not going to be very attractive for the vacationers.
  15. nigrarosa

    Gauga and Motto fares

    Thank you. so gringo price will be 100 peso's lol
  16. nigrarosa

    Gauga and Motto fares

    Hello everyone, it's been 5 years since I have been down, so I am looking for some costs at present. How much should I pay for a Gauga from Sosua to Cabarette? Also what is the current cost of a motto choncho ride in town?
  17. nigrarosa

    ProConsumidor to look into case of denial of restaurant denying entry to woman based on her looks

    Please tell me what age appropriate attire is. I am 58 and dress how I please.
  18. nigrarosa


    Stay strong Gorgon. You are one of the voices of reason on this forum.
  19. nigrarosa

    Jovenel Moïse is a dictator at this point...

    I have spent the last two hours reading through this this piece, i want to thank every one for the education that I have received on the history of Hispaniola. If i may make a suggestion to the Mods. You should include a Racist Emoji in your selection, because i see a lot of it in this thread...
  20. nigrarosa

    alert, there is white stuff in the air some places

    As i am reading this post the snow is falling here in Hamilton Ontario. I miss that great island.