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  1. Abuela

    Video about why people are moving to the North Coast

    Since William Webster isn't here to defend me here goes....
  2. Abuela

    Video about why people are moving to the North Coast

    Windy might want to teach his new friends that Rio SanJuan,Playa Grade,Cabrera is considered the Costa Verde not the North Coast
  3. Abuela

    Montecristi has a renovated central park

    Missing from this press release is the fact the tower was designed by Eiffel certainly a notable fact.
  4. Abuela

    Delancer becoming too slow to use

    We've enjoyed Delancer services for over 16 years and are very happy. Perhaps our basic needs aren't the same as the digital nomads that require faster service.
  5. Abuela

    Is March 30th a bank holiday?

    Will banks be open tomorrow?
  6. Abuela

    Solar panels are good for the country and individual finances but those who have invested in traditional power are not happy

    In concept solar is an excellent solution but if you live by the sea the salt air will destroy the equipment long before you realize a return on your investment.
  7. Abuela

    What's your favorite Tea?

    Bigelow ConstantComment is a great spicy tea, the clove accents really give it a great taste.
  8. Abuela

    Another luxury Villa in Cabrera

    This is not a new property it has been open since 2013.
  9. Abuela

    Seeking excellent dentist in Puerto Plata / Sosua / Cabarete

    Fredy Lepe 809) 586-6666‬ Puerto Plata (Spanish & English)
  10. Abuela

    Looking for an inexpensive used car

    Mike Logan is an expert car finder who helped us and many others. Michael logan Email:
  11. Abuela

    Why are helicopters flying so low and very often over Perla Marina to Cabarete this morning?

    Ringo's posts are available to view. He & his wife were great animal advocates and worked at many spaying& neutering clinics.
  12. Abuela

    Politicians resort to offer meals to entice votes

    I remember one year when Amable threw 2 lb sausages from a helicopter causing a few injuries shades of Les Nessmen throwing frozen turkeys if you ever watched US tv show WKRP in Cincinnati.
  13. Abuela

    Flamingoes Confiscated from Flamingo Jungle Resort in Sosua

    here's the resort website for those who want to read more....
  14. Abuela

    Flamingoes Confiscated from Flamingo Jungle Resort in Sosua
  15. Abuela

    Thai food in Cabarete

    Excellent PadThai is served at Yamazato in Cabarete.
  16. Abuela

    Super Pola in Sosua, closing?

    Super Pola has a construction site behind the deli part of the building. If the Ramos brothers had the Sosua store on the short list for closing why would they be adding onto the building?
  17. Abuela

    The passing of James Reed

    He was a Brit.
  18. Abuela

    The passing of James Reed

    RIP,condolences to Carol
  19. Abuela

    Cabarete Soul - located where "The Chinese Restaurant" used to be

    They've changed closing from 9pm to 7pm as of today.
  20. Abuela

    Wishing Alter Ego Well

    Wishing you a quick recovery so you can bachata your way into the New Year!