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    Pros-Cons Purchasing vehicle through a company

    USA Incorporated Company not DR, Does have a DR RNC# to legally conduct business in the DR. Considering buying a vehicle under the company name. Does anyone have experience or feedback on this one way or the other. Are Registration, Insurance, Taxes, higher, lower, or nominal difference...
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    Average costs for simple accounting

    Looking for info on what should be a reasonable fee for an accountant to do the monthly tax filings required for a small startup company. Its currently owner operated with no employees and minimal transactions of any kind. Normally in Canada I was paying 300usd for one time year end submission...
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    Pros and Cons of buying a car under a company

    Actually to be more specific- Its a USA incorporated company that was recently registered through the Chamber of commerce and production here, therefore having the legal RNC number to actively do business in the DR. Just wondering if making a vehicle purchase with the said company would be a...
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    USA incorporated Company

    For a USA Incorporated company to conduct business in the DR, I see it is mandatory by law to have an RNC#, which is necessarry to open a bank account anyway. Does this (RNC) meet the minimum or necessary requirements? I would assume it is not completely necessary to also re incorporate in the...
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    Proof of Address

    Does anyone have any ideas of how to obtain a proof of address paper when you have not completed your residency. I need this to open a out of country bank account and i am a renter with none of the utility bills in my name. In other countries they had a service performed by the policia where...
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    Cedulas only valid in the DR???

    Just came across a situation where a Dominican friend was applying for an international account of sorts. This fellow doesnt travel, hence does not have a passport. He wasted a lot of time and courier costs just to find out his ID was not sufficient. Why, you ask? The institution noticed the...
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    What is the easy way for a Canadian seeking residency to obtain the necessary Police check from home country, when I am living in the DR. My lawyer says its needed, others say only the DR one is needed as it does a worldwide check. Can anyone shed light on this, specifically Canadians who have...
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    Good priced reliable Lawyer for DR Residency

    Im interested in pursuing the first step of the Residency process. I have spent much time using the search function-before you ask?? and nothing really up to date. Im looking for the easy process with a reliable lawyer, yet a reasonable price, if this is possible. I know Guzman Aritza comes...
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    Large Businesses in SD

    Im looking for some key information for stat surveys. I am currently trying to find the largest most successful businesses, which have offices located in SD. Im mainly looking for companies who have many employees(50 min or more). If anyone has feedback or shortcuts to finding this...
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    Panama forums please??

    Going to visit Panama, does anyone know of any forums that have a Panama presence?
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    Mechanical check!

    Feedback on where to go in city center area for a decent presale auto machanical inspection. Where they actually pull the wheels off etc etc. not street mechanic popping the hood.
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    Affordable small office space

    Looking for affordable office space in SD city center or surrounding areas. Possibly shared space thats very cheap as all i really need is a desk, phone and internet access for one individual to make phone calls for 8 hours per day in a somewhat undisturbed privacy. Does this exist? does anyone...
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    What bars show the UFC

    Does anyone know if there are bars in SD who show the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) live.
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    Best pizza

    Where are the best pizza places in SD? and whats a ball park price? I am not impressed with pizza hut
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    Canadian or Expat meetings

    Does anyone know of when and where fellow Canadians, (or any and all foreignors for that matter), get together for formal or informal meetings. I have previously asked this question to the CDN chamber and embassy, but no response as yet. I love the country and the people (honest ones), but...
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    I live on the forth floor in mirador norte in a nice place and seem to have lots of those very small ants all over the kitchen at all times. I have a bit of sensitive stomach and try to keep the bug intake to a minimum. I cant even cut food on the cutting board without constatly breaking to...
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    Is it just me

    Now i must first off mention that i have worked ,lived and visited many countries in latin america and know first hand the rules of what to watch out for. Is it just me or is this country over the top?? Now what i mean here, are most dominicans raised and encouraged to lie, steal and scam? and...
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    If you could change one thing

    If you could change one thing in the DR, for the better what would it be? What i mean here is if one thing changed, tourists, retirees, expats etc. would feel more at ease or more inclined to making this picturesque country a place to call a permanent home.
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    Is there Brazilian Jui jitsu and Live fights in SD?

    I came across this post from many years back; "There is a Vale Tudo academy in Santo Domingo....this people have been the ones training dominicans for the UFC fights held there. It is located in Avenida Bolivar between Hermanos Deligne and Socorro Sanchez. Does anyone know if this club still...
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    Best areas for restobar buz in SD

    Hello all!! I just wanted to get some input on this specific topic but I am well aware from reading previous posts that it can open up some negative aggressive replies. I have a close friend from USA who has visited and spend lots of time in SD over the years for work and pleasure. He now plans...