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    Relocating to Bavaro in a couple of years

    Hi all I have not posted in a long time but I though I could use your guidance now. My husband is dominican now living with me in Canada for over 2 years, we have 1 child almost 1 year old. We are thinking of moving to the bavaro area in a couple of years as my husband would like to start his...
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    Baby Formula

    Hi all Planning a trip to the DR with my 7 months old. I would like to know what kind of baby formula is available in the DR and where also how much should I expect to pay? Thanks Isabelle
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    SDO to Boca Chica

    Could someone give me driving directions from Santo Domingo (27 de febreo y Maximo Gomez) to Boca Chica? Also is there a bus and where to take it?
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    Travel to haiti

    sorry double thread post on other thread please
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    Travel to haiti

    Hi I am Canadian, I am going to the DR to visit for 2 weeks, would like to cross over to Haiti by land to visit some firends who live there. Do any of you know of the requirements for a Canadian Citizen crossing the border by land between DR and Haiti?
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    Urgent Info needed

    For all canadian travellers out there, did it ever happened to you that you could not take out money from an atm with a RBC Royal Bank ATM card?
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    Gift Suggestion

    Hi I am looking for a gif t suggestion for a friend of my husband that is being very helpful to us. She is a 20 year old gir and she is very strict evangelico. I know they are not allowed to wear fancy clothes or jewellery. What about perfume? Thanks
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    La Bomba Hairproduct

    Does anyone know of a web site that would ship to Canada for LA Bomba hair product? Thanks
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    Montreal Dominican hair Salon

    Where can I find a Dominican hair salon in Montreal or Laval? Does anyone of you know any?
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    Hi All I don't know if I am posting this in the right section but since it is genereal...I will go for it. My husband has just arrived to Canada and we are trying to cook some good dominican food. He wants Maggi for his cooking. So I suggested we use chicken broth cube but he says they have a...
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    Shipping to a Resort

    Hello Everyone My sister and her husband are staying for 4 weeks at a resort in Bavaro. I need to send them some documentation from Canada and they need the original. I have read that the mail system in the DR in not reliable, so I want to use a courrier service. However when I go on Fedex web...
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    How would you say the following in Spanish: I miss you I miss going boating with you Thanks
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    Alante alante

    What does Alante Alante means? Anyone?
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    Canadian Immigration

    information please Does anyone have the phone number to make an appointment with clinic Abreu in Santo Domingo?
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    Legal question

    If you don't sign a prenup, your assets will be all 50-50 but is it true that only the husband can sell or buy new assets and control the finances? I am getting a prenup but a friend of mine got married without one.
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    birth control

    Hi all I have read somewhere that oral contraceptive are sold whitout a prescription in DR. I was wondering if any of you knew if they carried Alesse? If not what is a good replacement for that brand? Thanks
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    Hi all Does anyone know how to say peanut in dominican spanish? My brother in law is allergic to peanuts and going on a vacation down there, we would like to know how to say it so we can make sure he does not end up eating some. Thanks
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    AA ticket

    Hi all I have tickets for this week end on AA from Toronto to Punta Cana connecting in Miami but I would like to change the date that I am coming back Does anyone have the phone number to call from Canada to make a change on a reservation? Thanks
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    in Santo Domingo

    Can anyone recommand a venue to hold a wedding in Santo Domingo. There will be only 15-20 guests. I want something casual and not too expansive but where we can have a room for us and a nice dinner, maybe some music.
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    Punta Cana to SD

    Hi I would like to know if any of you guys know if it is possible to find a taxi or minibus to bring 7 people from a resort in Punta Cana to Santo Domingo and what that might cost? Also how would i go about booking this? Thanks