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  1. CristoRey

    What’s next for a crackdown on Haitian migrants as the Dominican Republic leader enters a new term?

    Indeed they could. Perhaps afterwards they could go to the bars in Sosua and Cabarete too? Oh wait a minute... they did that once already only to have to turn around and issue an apology in both the English and Spanish press across the country.
  2. CristoRey

    What’s next for a crackdown on Haitian migrants as the Dominican Republic leader enters a new term?

    Like I've said before, immigration needs to be working from 7pm - 7am if they want to make a real difference.
  3. CristoRey

    Dominican Republic's Abinader eyes tax reform in new administration

    Commented about this in another thread a few days ago. Why wasn't Luis willing to sit down and discuss tax reform last week? They want to bring the informal economy into the formal economy. Prices for every day goods most of the country depends on (a.k.a your local colmado) will shoot thru the...
  4. CristoRey

    Haitians in PC/Bavaro

    I stopped at "supported by Dominicans, has left Haitians vulnerable to the worst abuses, U.S. and U.N. officials"
  5. CristoRey

    Video about why people are moving to the North Coast

    Speaking of the North Coast...
  6. CristoRey

    Ebay Sellers

    Between all those damn overstayers and the grit it must be really tough for them do-gooders.
  7. CristoRey

    Lots of flu making the rounds

    Sounds spooky.
  8. CristoRey

    Give up Beef, Milk and now Coffee ?

    I will give up my coffee when they give up their private jets.
  9. CristoRey

    Ebay Sellers

    How much did it cost?
  10. CristoRey

    Hello! New to the site!

    Welcome To Wonderland!
  11. CristoRey

    Dominican Republic as a model of economic success.

    I wish he didn't resign. He was a fantastic mayor.
  12. CristoRey

    US continues to prepare for arrival of UN forces

    This is normal. Happens in every single one of these situations. Some steal more, some steal less.
  13. CristoRey

    Ebay Sellers

    Why is this?
  14. CristoRey

    Ebay Sellers

    She was thinking about trying to buy wholesale and export larimar jewelry.
  15. CristoRey

    Ebay Sellers

    I looked but was unable to locate previous DR1 thread on Ebay from last year, then... after using Google, I found it. I sent a message via the "Report" option to whomever moderates the Business forums with the intent of having this thread removed but I see the thread is still active. Fair...
  16. CristoRey

    Ebay Sellers

    A friend of mine asked me a question recently which I was unble to answer. Question: What is the best way for Ebay sellers in the Dominican Republic to ship to Canada and the USA. Any and all suggestions are welcome.
  17. CristoRey

    President Abinader: DR will not take part in military intervention in Haiti

    Luis made the right call. Seal the border and let the chips fall where they may.