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    Pickering's Restaurant

    Not posted for a while but thought this good to report I went to Pickering's Restaurant with a group of friends for lunch last Sunday and the food was great, plenty of it, and very reasonably priced - so good that I booked for Christmas Day lunch;)
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    Missing Rottweilers

    Please keep an keen eye open for two missing female Rottweilers Last seen in the Lomas Mironas / Judy's Pet Lodge area of Sosua Answers to the name of Tamby and Doushka These dogs are puppies, although look fully grown, and are about 8 months old Many thanks DR1er's
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    Cheap Rice

    I am trying to find a place to buy rice for my school which is below Playero and such like prices Anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks
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    Volunteer Spanish Teacher Required

    Our school needs a Volunteer Spanish teacher - can you help? The school is in the Bella Vista area of Sosua and we would like you to help us in the mornings Please PM me to discuss further Many thanks
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    Hi All Anyone wanting to pass a message to Whirleybird can do so through me Internet down at moment Thanks Grandma Jen :cheeky:
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    Hi Guys Just to let you know, Whirleybird is off line at the moment due to computadora connection problemos Any messages can be passed through me if required thanks
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    German Restaurant in Caberete?

    Help needed - does anyone know the name of the German restaurant in Caberete opposite the Bank Popular - apparently down an ally towrads the beach - does it open for lunch thanks in advance
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    Flight To Uk 23rd July

    Ticket available to fly to the UK on 23rd July 2008 POP to London Gatwick Please PM me for further details
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    Make sure youhave your underpants on!

    From the Daily News comes this story of a Walsall couple who drove their car to Asda, only to have their car break down in the car park. The husband told his wife to carry on with the shopping while he fixed the car. The wife returned later to see a small group of people near the car. On...
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    Blonde Joke - apols to blondes

    A blonde decided she needed something new and different for a winter hobby. She went to the bookstore and bought every book she could find on ice fishing. For weeks she read and studied, hoping to become an expert in the field. Finally she decided she knew enough, and out she went for her...
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    A weighty issue

    Has anyone tried the "wait no more" programme as posted in the dr1 adverts? Any feedback gratefully received.
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    Bar Bet

    Man walks into a bar with a pet alligator by his side. He puts the alligator up on the bar and turns to the astonished patrons. "I'll make you a deal. I'll open this alligator's mouth and place my manhood inside. Then, the gator will close his mouth for one minute. Then, he'll open his mouth...
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    Why females should avoid a girls night out after they are married....

    The other night I was invited out for a night with the 'girls.' I told my husband that I would be home by midnight, 'I promise!' Well, the hours passed and the margaritas went down way too easily. Around 3 a.m., a bit loaded, I headed for home. Just as I got in the door, the cuckoo clock...
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    Good home available

    for any unwanted household furniture. We need garden table and chairs - sun loungers - wood - soil - bedside cabinets - curtains etc etc etc
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    Looking for new friends

    I am moving to the DR in a few weeks time around the Sosua area. Anyone out there that can me me a few hints and tips on where to go for shopping - house furniture - kitchen equipment - cars etc? Grandamajen