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  1. melphis

    How can you be this evil?

    I hope the evil bitch gets the same treatment from the other prisoners. It's all about karma
  2. melphis

    Create a province for Dominicans abroad?

    A Dominican province can’t be created in land that isn’t Dominican. Yes, but look at the big picture. Dominican could become a territory of Canada. Now look at the really big picture, Canda could become a territory of the DR. I'm sure the DR military machine could kick Canada's butt.
  3. melphis

    Create a province for Dominicans abroad?

    A few years ago some idiots where trying to get Turks and Caicos as a 11th Canadian province or 4th territory. Naturally it failed miserably as it should. Now the DR is in a much better position to do this. The country has a long basically unprotected boarder, the government does not listen to...
  4. melphis

    Renewing driver's license

    Mine was the same as SKY with one exception. I took a liberty on the eye exam. I am scheduled for cataract surgery and I couldn't read the letters on my right eye. I asked the girl for a tissue as the lense was dirty. When she turned around, I peeked with my left eye. Passed the test. What ever...
  5. melphis

    Renewing driver's license

    Just show up. All the offices are under the same government department. I just showed up and was out in less than 40 minutes with the health questionnaire, hearing and sight test.
  6. melphis

    Can't pay overstay fee in cash now??

    I wonder what thier plan B is. Refusing someone to leave because they don't have a functioning credit seems kinda silly if they are offering cash. Maybe a kind employee will help them for a 20% surcharge, in cash .
  7. melphis

    Easter Week death toll: 24 confirmed deaths

    If you want evidence there is a thing called Google, so Google it. I am not your research assistant. If that is to stressful for you try the search key on DR1 and type in Samana Santa death pool.
  8. melphis

    Easter Week death toll: 24 confirmed deaths

    It seems to be going down. A few years ago it would have been 40 to 45. With more traffic and worse roads I think Senior Mendez might be fudging some numbers to make it sound better.
  9. melphis

    Son of Alfredo Pacheco is supposedly killed in Texas

    A Dominican rapper skating thru life on daddy's coat tails while drawing a salary (undoubtedly on the tax payers dime) gets gunned downed in a Cadillac Escalade. If that doesn't scream I'm a entitled dumb ass wannabe drug dealer (cause daddy is a big shot politician) nothing does. Thinning the...
  10. melphis

    Airfare costs main barrier to DR Tourism

    There are record tourists in the PC area and renting a long term condo for next year is almost impossible. We haven't seen any barriers for tourism. In fact it's busier than I have ever seen it.
  11. melphis

    It's so lovely and quiet in Santo Domingo

    They need Easter cash too!!
  12. melphis

    Another YouTuber goes to Haiti. Guess what happened.

    You just can't fix stupid.
  13. melphis

    William Webster Has Passed, R.I.P.

    Condolences to his family and friends. I enjoyed his posts.
  14. melphis

    Cedula Renewal Punta Cana

    We did ours in January (they expired in 2022). In and out in a half hour then went to Higuey for drivers license. No hassle at either. Renewing the residency card was a pain but it all worked out.
  15. melphis

    Driver License Renewal Higuey

    I renewed at the same place as SKY in January. Mine had expired in 2022. Took about 45 minutes as we got there at around 10:45 and was quite busy. Cost was $3300 rd and basically hassle free
  16. melphis

    In Need of a Valued Partner: Anyone interested in AirBnb opportunities in Punta Cana? Property AVAILABLE for Airbnb Rental Arbitrage in Punta Cana, DR

    This is total bull poopoo. Downtown Mall is a 8 to 10 minute drive to Bibiagua on a good day. This guy is a scam artist. The properties around DT mall are crap. I don't understand why the mods let this go on for over 30 posts
  17. melphis

    Dominican military plans to evacuate embassy personnel in Haiti

    I hope they evacuate everyone safely and drop a big ass bomb on the way out. Hopefully on Barbeques head and cook him and his ahole army well done
  18. melphis

    Profile of Haiti's "Barbecue"

    Just nuke the shit hole called Haiti. It would solve countless problems and prove we have working nukes. The videos and stories coming out of Haiti just prove they are barbaric savages. Why would any country want them.
  19. melphis

    That was quick

    No surprise it shut down. Horrible theme park for the price. With that big of an investment they could have hired someone who could do a daily cost/ profit analysis or even a guy with a pencil to do a daily head count of paying guests.
  20. melphis

    I wonder if I could adapt to one of these here.

    I converted a Sprinter van for my daughter 3 years ago. It took most of the summer and was a fairly enjoyable experience. She loved it and lived in it spring summer and fall. Canadian winters are to cold for RV living. She sold it for a fortune and has regretted it since.