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    Sosua School Options

    Hello I would like to know the school options for a 5-yearqss kids (pre-primary), in Sosua, the pro and con for each school and the monthly cost expected Thx
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    Driving licence are with point or not ?

    lol ok in 20 or 30 years :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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    Driving licence are with point or not ?

    Hi Dr1 Last year several article was published in the Dr press about the fact that the dominican driving licence will be with point from sept. or oct. 2023. I would like to know if this thing is implemented, or the liscence is still witout points Thx
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    New shop in Sosua

    Hello members, Who knows more about the new retail shop, that will open at the corner Clisante / Rosen ??
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    7 gunshots La Mulata

    Today around 2:30 a.m. I heard 7 gunshot on La Mulata, then 5-10 minutes later a police truck down slowly with flashing light. someone knows what happened ?
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    Jolly Roger Yippee--Yahoo--Bingo anyone?

    Copy from the Facebook post of Jolly Roger Yippee--Yahoo--Bingo anyone? Next Tuesday--April 29th--2pm--Jolly Roger Bingo at the Bourbon Street Bar & Grill. They are located within Victoria House--next to Sosua Bay. We miss everyone way too much and this will be a great chance to get together...
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    paqueticos How ?

    Hi, I tried to activate the internet mobile in order to but paqueticos (ORANGE) First, I send DATA to 3500 Then, when I tried to buy "paqueticos" via #100# and all the sub menus, i received a message that told me that I don't have internet activated and that I sould send DATA to 3500 Someone...
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    Blackberry 9300 Curve

    Someone here know if the Blackberry 9300 Curve can be used (for Internet) on Claro and Orange ??
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    Villa Karibik current status ?

    Hello everbody ! Someone know the current status of Villa Karibik (Mulata), it's a gated, or no longer a gated ? There is fees by month or no ? If yes how much. Thank you Thx
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    Power outage

    Since yesterday 8pm, power outage on Mulata 2, do you have the same situation in your zone ?
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    Need info urgent

    Hello, Does someone can give me the tarif month or m3 for the water through coraaplata, in the zone of Sosua/Mulata (house). Thank you Mp
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    renovation and more...

    Hello, We plan to buy a house on sosua, we found one but it need some renovations, interior wall construction, some plumbing and electricity works, door and windows to change/add and property wall to build (200 meters X 2.20 meters)... Do you know some people (serious) that can make us...
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    Insurance Seniors ?

    Someone can tell me what insurance (private plan) in Santo Domingo is good for seniors, an insurance that will not drop the person to 65 or 69 years. An insurance widely accepted. Which is the price of this type of insurance, including dental and visual ? more ? Other question: Each year the...
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    Euros bank account

    Hello, Which is the best bank to open an euros saving account ? Mr M
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    Inverter & battery brand

    Which is the better brand for inverter and battery ? And where buy them ? Mr. M
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    Lucerna, i need some informations

    Hello, I'm french, I'll move to Santo Domingo in July, I need informations about the neighborhood Lucerna (Santo Domingo Este), in a first time i will rent a home. - Lucerna is a neighborhood of which type? - How many hours of electricity per day ? - How many days of water per week ? - Lucerna...