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    Can't pay overstay fee in cash now??

    SDQ still accepts cash to pay overstay fine. PUJ and ROMANA no. not sure about POP. (I buy my marbetes online with credit card)
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    Who has not tried the real espagueti con fritos (veggy version) and aguacate (i carry my own in case they don't have) at the stand of a doña (I don't know her name) on the intersection at south entry of San Juan de la Maguana (coming from barahona, el capá), is not qualified to discuss the issue.
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    2022 Hurricane Season

    Not a single drop of rain in the last 4 week here in Bejucal / Guayuyal area (eastern part of the Bahoruco mountains - lower mountain part seaside close to La Cienaga, San Rafael etc). Draught mode while we watch on TV the north and cibao floaded
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    Guanaventuras: attractive community ecotourism offer / women cooperative La Cienaga

    Hello since 2004 I have been working to support a group of women of la Cienaga to set up a community based ecotourism project. 100% of the benefits stay in the community, no foreigners, no intermediaries, no commissions (for me/us) no local barons or big investors. all services available, sleep...