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  1. La Profe_1

    President Abinader wins reelection bid

    I remember reading here on DR1, during earlier elections, that sometimes the recipient of the thousand pesos is required to hand over his cédula. This prevents him from voting for the "wrong" candidate.
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    President Abinader: DR will not take part in military intervention in Haiti

    Windy, enough with the doom and gloom prediction and gloating about the presumed failure of the Kenyan force!
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    Can Consignee Be Changed?

    It is possible to arrange for " exoneración de los impuestos" with the help of some higher-ups. When the dental school where I was an adjunct wanted to ship in dental equipment for the "operativos" the students staffed we got close to ten thousand dollars of dental chairs and other equipment...
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    President Abinader: DR will not take part in military intervention in Haiti

    The topic is Haiti, not conflicts in other countries. Back on topic, please.
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    Waiting for Kenyans to arrive?

    Before I settled into a scientific college major, I was really interested in history. World history texts were special favorites and I read them as if they were novels. This Kenyan force of 1000 police reminds me of the "forlorn hope" volunteers of the past.
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    Moving back to DR (north coast) when I retire: do or don't

    If I remember correctly, there are some issues with US Social Security if you choose to have checks directly deposited into a Dominican bank. I believe additional paperwork is needed and failure to complete it allows thr SSA to discontinue pension payments.
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    A Dominican posted this perspective on FB

    Noise? What noise? I have severe bilateral hearing loss. Not being able to hear the speakers is one of its few blessings.
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    Nothing new in Haiti; choice of president and prime minister was not by consensus of transition council

    This thread has wandered so far away from the original topic that there is no saving it. Sorry, but closed.
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    Ah, yes. Old fashioned loaf

    Olive loaf was my son's favorite, but I don't remember how he ever tried it. I never bought it except as a special thing he requested.
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    Nothing new in Haiti; choice of president and prime minister was not by consensus of transition council

    The thread is wandering far afield of the topic - Haiti. Please keep your discussions centered around that country!!
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    Dusting the overpass in Boca Chica

    Hijo, are you capable of writing a snark-free post? It has been said many times that DR1 is a website written in English. Why do you think that Dolores translates news articles about the DR into English?
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    Police are trying out Tazers

    Yes, Frank12 was his username I think.
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    Drone Video: Higuey

    I used the kids and candy as a more "innocent" example of things I've seen. I was an adjunct prof for a dental school in the US and part of my work with them involved getting Salud Publica permission for and setting up free clinics staffed by dental students and supervised by their professors...
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    Drone Video: Higuey

    I've always been very uncomfortable with tours that turn struggling Dominicans into exhibits, be that of poverty, illness or daily life issues. If the tour fails to respect the inherent human dignity of the people visited, it should be stopped. Children in the streets running to a tour truck...
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    Dominican Republic expects 12 million tourists in 2024; concerns about growing too fast

    Please stay on topic! On topic means related to the news article and not replying to adversarial posts.
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    Acupuncture in Santiago

    Not sure if she knows this, but the Bell's palsy facial drooping is sometimes temporary. I had it after an episode of shingles. It affected the right side of my face and my right eye. I had to wear an eye shield for a while since I couldn't close or blink that eye. The drooping corrected...
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    Can't pay overstay fee in cash now??

    I used my debit card ONCE at La Sirena back in 2009. It was promptly cloned. That is the first and last time I ever used it in the DR.
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    What type of snake?

    According to Dr. Google, it is a Cuban boa.
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    The members of the Haitian Presidential Transitional Council chosen, what’s next?

    Please get back to the original topic. The thread is wandering into topics not permitted on DR1.
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    Customs seizes over US$17 million in three years

    I'm fairly certain that the DR regulations are similar to those of the US. The US limit is $10,000.