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    International Money Transfer - US/CAN to DR

    I use Remitly several times a month. The money always is available within minutes,never more than that.
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    Too Many Cars - what will the government do?

    Yup,they do that here in Colombia,it's called Pico y Placa and it is effective. Some people get around it by switching plates etc. but the traffic police do their jobs here and there are plenty of them out every day in busy areas, you won't see a single motorcycle driver here without a helmet or...
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    master honda mechanic needed

    Konstatin the mechanic in Sosua across from Sosua Ocean Village used to work as a mechanic for Honda....
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    Can't pay overstay fee in cash now??

    I've used a debit card to pay my overstay fee a gazillion times....
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    That guy's name is Randy and he is still in the area,he moved to Puerto Plata but I think he now lives in Sosua. The last time I saw him he was in the middle of financing his ex girlfriend and daughter to go to the states through Nigaragua or Guatemala and he paid $5Kusd upfront and the handlers...
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    Can't pay overstay fee in cash now??

    This is exactly right. It has nothing to do with where you used the card. The processing centers are where your info is stolen.
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    Can't pay overstay fee in cash now??

    They accept debit cards,I've used one dozens of times.
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    Bank Charges

    I don't....
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    Banreservas in Spain / USA

    I just bought a three bedroom two bathroom apartment brand new in Manizales Colombia for $40K usd. I'm glad I didn't build that villa in Sosua.
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    Delancer becoming too slow to use

    I used to live in Paradise Condos in Sosua,it is owned by the Delancer family,the internet sucked balls....they were horrible landlords,won't fix a damned thing. Prior to the Delancers owning it Armando owned it and the place was in perfect condition,now it's a mess.
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    K cups

    That's what I use,better coffee,and cheaper.
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    Thousands apply to join the Police; new wages and perks motivate young people

    My only interaction with any police was being pulled over in Sosua by Digisett for not wearing a seatbelt. The officer spoke good english,yes sir,no sir thank you sir,could not have been more professional. Then he handed me my 2500 (mas o menos)peso ticket hahahaha...
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    Would $1600 a month allow 1 person to live comfortably in the DR ?

    I stopped in to the newer barber shop on Pedro Clisante in Sosua,I forget the name of it,it is near Sosua Lights. I asked them how much for a haircut and they unabashedly said 700 pesos, I laughed and walked out and went to my regular guy for 250....
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    All inclusive POP

    3000 pesos is more than 50 dollars....
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    Mailing Letter - Debit Card

    I have three accounts with the same bank. Easily move money from one account to the other,I keep two accounts locked as I don't regularly use them but can unlock them with my phone whenever I need to.
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    Mailing Letter - Debit Card

    Same here. I would NEVER travel to or live in any foreign country without at least three methods of accessing mi dinero. I can't count the number of friends that I have loaned money to because their one and only card was lost,stolen or blocked by the banks. What truly amazes me is the number of...
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    Mailing Letter - Debit Card

    Always have the credit/debit cards put in a box,I know several people that have had this problem and putting the card in a box has solved the problem every time.
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    WAIT LIST for Starlink in Las Terrenas! what?

    I have several friends that have it and love it.
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    British man arrested for traveling with cocaine

    it's 6 dollars a gram in Sosua and 80-100 in the U.S.
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    Puerto Plata seeks to become popular destination for Colombians

    I see Colombians (not working girls) on the beach in Sosua all the time,not sure how or where they come from or how they get there but I see them very regularly.