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  1. vermontmark

    Red Sox-Rays Tickets for Sunday, March 10

    We have six great tickets for the Sunday 1:00 Red Sox-Rays game in Santo Domingo. Unfortunately we are now unable to attend. Great seats: AA46, Row C, seats 1-6. Will post on but wanted to mention it here ASAP. Ticket price RD$2,850/ticket. Will sell at below cost. Message me if...
  2. vermontmark

    Seeking dance classes for young girls

    Thank you for checking for me!
  3. vermontmark

    Seeking dance classes for young girls

    There are approximately 90 orphanages in the Dominican Republic, all (or most) of whom work in cooperation with Conani, ours included.
  4. vermontmark

    Seeking dance classes for young girls

    Wow, in the category of no good deed goes unpunished... I have responded to some questions already and will perhaps more. But I won't bother with the ones who interpret compassion for the needy as somehow nefarious...
  5. vermontmark

    Seeking dance classes for young girls

    Both organizations are to serve children (both girls and boys). Our current facility only has space for one gender. In the future we expect to be larger (due to need, unfortunately) and have space for girls and boys.
  6. vermontmark

    Seeking dance classes for young girls

    Well... create two non-profits with Boards of Directors, move to a foreign country, sacrifice a lot of things, hire staff, navigate a mountain of paperwork, be evaluated by the government in different ways, and more.... and then you are then well on your way to serving children who have adults...
  7. vermontmark

    Seeking dance classes for young girls

    Hello. We run a home for girls, and are thinking that dance classes might be a great activity. Are there any in the Puerto Plata/Montellano/Sosua area for girls under the age of 10?
  8. vermontmark

    Halloween for kids

    We have lived North Coast for a year. My experience is that Halloween is completely ignored here. With Haiti right next door, there is no reason to further invite demonic activity into the DR.
  9. vermontmark

    Baby Sea Turtles North Coast

    This week I was at the long beach of Playa Dorado on the north coast. I was pleasantly surprised to see two baby sea turtles in the water - maybe three inches long. Based on my photos and later research, I believe they were Hawksbills. Worldwide these are quite rare. Does anybody know anything...
  10. vermontmark

    Please Explain the Sugar Shortage

    Wow, how did my simple question about no white sugar in the stores, on the North Coast, turn into this??? Thank you to those who responded to my question.
  11. vermontmark

    Please Explain the Sugar Shortage

    North Coast - Puerto Plata and Sosua both have this problem.
  12. vermontmark

    Please Explain the Sugar Shortage

    Can anyone tell my why there is zero white sugar in the stores, and brown sugar is being sold in limited quantities? I especially don't understand since the DR is a sugar producer!
  13. vermontmark

    Cangrejo bridge closed due to major structural failure.

    Took a photo from the Sosua (east) side this morning (Saturday). The cement pilings, which they had built and then buried, are now being uncovered and taken apart! The workmen are using a jackhammer to dismantle the pilings. The photo shows the rubble and exposed rebar towers on some already...
  14. vermontmark

    best air conditioner brand

    We want to install AC in our bedrooms. We live outside Puerto Plata. Our electrician can purchase the following brands: Aire Conforstar (cheapest), Aire Airmax (a little more) or Aire Innovair (a little more still). I am actually less concerned about price than I am quality. Anyone have...
  15. vermontmark

    Weekend flooding of river in Montellano; road closed

    On Saturday we were returning from east end of island to the PP area, along the coast. Because of the heavy rains the detour road in Montellano was closed due to high water. We eventually decided to take the long way around (over the mountain to Santiago, and back on the parallel mountain road)...
  16. vermontmark

    Importing a car from the US

    Can you explain why I should forget about tax exemption?
  17. vermontmark

    Importing a car from the US

    The ministry that I work with is being donated a car in the US. Does anyone have experience with importing a car for that purpose? Can a non-profit/fundacion be exempt from paying import taxes? Does anyone have a great person to help safely and quickly shepherd a car through the import steps?
  18. vermontmark

    I need expert electrical advise... need it fast.Why?

    I am on the north coast outside Puerto Plata. I have an electrician that I trust, seems very skilled, and does work from PP to Sosua, so presumably expats as well. If you are in this area I could provide a possible referral.
  19. vermontmark

    Seeking sod.

    I live near Puerto Plata. I am looking for sod for my lawn. Does anyone know where to purchase it. I'd prefer to have it installed, if they know what they're doing.
  20. vermontmark

    Desiring sod installation

    I am near Puerto Plata. I want to purchase sod for a couple areas, and hopefully have an experienced person install it to maximize chances of it succeeding. Do any of you know a person or business that does this?