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    price of grande presidente

    This data should be easy to come by..........:glasses:
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    Dominican flavor in Rochester New York?

    I will be spending some time in upstate New York and was hoping that I might find a club, restaurant or music venue that offered Dominican and generally latino fun and fare. Ayone with info,I'd be oblidged. Thanks.
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    chinese couple

    An elderly Chinese couple were in bed above their Chinese restaurant. The husband began trying to entice his wife into a little lovemaking, but she declared that intercourse was out of te question this evening. So the husband asked " Then how about sixty-nine?" His wife looked at him like...
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    Columbus book report

    I?ve just finished an incredible book on Columbus, titled Admiral of the Ocean Sea, by Samuel Eliot Morison. Non-fiction. The author was part of the Harvard Columbus Expedition of 0f 1939-1940 in which they retrace Columbus?routes in his four voyages. The insight into the history of the times...
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    motoconcho rates

    For the first time visitors, as well as myself, would some folks please respond with the concho rates for the various areas? Thanks!
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    member rankings explained

    I?ve noticed that there are some rankings on DR1?s site regarding rankings; Could someone clarify the ranking system for me? I seem to be underranked, and in the gringo ranking system I feel I might have been overlooked. On the otherhand, maybe the ?gringo pagado? might be just right.:glasses:
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    my apologies

    I would like to state my apology to those that I have offended in my remarks on Friday night. It was late, I was intoxicated and should never have let myself become belligerant or even jokingly so. As strongly as one may feel regarding any debate, position or opinion, it is silly...
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    Domincan theme songs

    What would be everyone?s number one theme song for the Dominican Republic in general and for various experience here as well? Rock on.....
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    MEN ONLY thread---your experiences in the D.R

    Since there is a ?ladies only thread, and in the spirit of fairness/equality, what do you guys have to say about you experiences in th D.R.? This should keep us busy for a while...:glasses:
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    dominican multi-tool

    Has anyone seen extraordinary uses by locals with their machete? My favorite is at the butcher, the cows head still on the floor, asking how many pounds of bola I would like today and hitting it right on the mark in one fell swoop. Please, your insights?
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    perfectly clean joke

    What do you call a Raggedy Ann in a filthy ditch with a stone wedged in her mouth? A dirty cotten rocksucker.
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    stolen stuff

    Without sounding jaded, what have you found ?missing?in your time here?
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    dominican music site

    I wanted to let my sister hear some bachata for the first time and found this site. How excellent!! Enjoy....