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    Delancer becoming too slow to use

    Here is my Delancer this morning, its getting better,jijiji DOWNLOAD (MBPS) 104 UPLOAD (MBPS) 35 Ping (ms) 21 Jitter (ms) 19 Sosua, Cabarete
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    SKY CANA vanishing into thin air

    They were going to make pop a hub, I remember the planes parked there and then ..... singletravel
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    Santiago now has direct flights to Europe

    Well something's going on here. The traffic is horrible (every third vehicle is a truck) and building left and right. SOV is doubling (new Playa lagonana) and this well change everything, just think it s a matter time...
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    Santiago now has direct flights to Europe

    Yup, lots of promises (still waiting for Copa) but nothing happens. Arajet wa suppose to make pop a hub (hahah) and nothing happens. Maybe the numbers dont call for it?? But good news it's a sleepy airport and I can check in, do immigration and go to gates in less than 25 minutes. Not many...
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    United Airlines Is Adding Flights to the Dominican Republic This Winter

    nada por POP? We need some more flights to MIA singletravel
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    Cruise Passengers - E-Ticket?

    I live in Miami, cruise ships docked in front of me. Can I just get off in PP if I take the cruise?? Or is that a no-no??? No stamp in my passport?? So I dont return to the ship, what happens??? just curious??
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    De Lancer WIFI La Mulata

    I have a gl-net small router with build in vpn (use Nord) connected to Delancer, no problem. I find its better though if I use it as a repeater. But when you use a vpn in the router its slows it down like 80%. I also use my Nord vpn on my firestick and it usually increases my speed, really...
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    Break-Ins at Casa Linda

    Yes, SHR is amazing for security. For the curious you're allowed to check in one girl (register her) for a guest per person. Thats it. Many years ago when girls were allowed there would a 8:AM parade of chicas in mini's and hi-shoes walking to the gate (renters just threw them out or didn't...
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    Red Air Catches Fire at Miami International Airport

    I think the airline has been renamed "sky High" , my gf is on the flight today, she says its venezuelan airline ?? Should be a blast, all Dominicans, jijiji, its cheap but not for me ... Selected flights Track prices Sat, Aug 1211:00 AM – 1:00 PM Sky High 2 hr SDQ–MIA
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    Cruise - MIA - SDQ

    So, If I take a cruise ship from mia (where I I've) I can't get off in Puerta Plata (where I also live). How do they stop you?? gracias, singletravel
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    President Abinader catches Covid-19; his agenda is on hold

    I had all my booster shots in Miami. Took a trip to Calif two month ago (my GF flew in from Madrid and we meet at LAX). Second day had a uncontrolable cough, was in Solvange (great place to visit) and had a test. Got Covid, next day my GF tested positive, next day my niece tested positive (all...
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    Pools in DR

    I just finished my new home and Im a lap swimmer. I think Rolando created the best pool on the north coast for me and its also is handicap access. It's a rental in Seahorse, but I live there also. All lap swimmers are invited :-) If you like pools
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    Accommodation for four couples

    I'm not Rolando, he was my builder :-)
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    Accommodation for four couples

    Well, if you decide on the north coast, I just finished this (2.5 years) with Rolondo (my builder). Yup, your own beach plus one fo the best gyms on the north coast + a lot more, jijiji. Anyone is welcome to come by and check it out, very unique .... (Robert you'd be proud, hahaha) thanks...
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    Sosua becoming a food desert

    If meat is your thing try Mangos (across from Bailys), its really good and yes the hamburgers are #1 - good service, two bars - beautiful restaurant (ask to be seated upstairs and watch the street) and great owner ask for Rolando ...
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    Any new flights coming to pop?? But nice to see AA have some competition to Florida. Prices are getting crazy ... singletravel
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    Looking for professional photographer

    Need someone to do photo shoot of new villa (maybe with a drone also) and not crazy expensive. gracias singletravel
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    Playero Not Stocking, like before

    I talked with the owner of Playero, when Diet Pepsi in he calls me first, hahahahahahahahah
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    Cabarete Beach

    Well you'll find me reading iinfront of OceanOne most afternoons and no-one bothers me unless I wave them over (like that Haitian sweets). Just move up the beach and you'll be fine ....