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  1. Andrew Smith

    Japanese Koi Carp in the D. R

    .Funny thing is that I also lived in Panama.. Was friendly with Alex Scholten a dutch guy there who still has I believe, koi panama
  2. Andrew Smith

    Japanese Koi Carp in the D. R

    Hey there.. I live in Bavaro and just donated all my koi to the pond at the back of San juan mall. There is an aquarium guy in bavaro who does stock koi but they are not that great.. But for basic sankes and Showas he has some.. Also expensive though. I will be moving to Jarabacoa and will be...
  3. Andrew Smith

    Moving house transport services.

    Hi there.. We hope to be moving from Bavaro to the Jarabacoa area and was wondering if anyone has any experience with mudanzas here... Transport companies that will help you move house.. Any recommendations or companies to avoid would be greatly appreciated. Also general costs as a ball park...
  4. Andrew Smith

    Any Day traders out or equity

    Firstly hello everyone.. I am a day trader in the FX market and have been doing this in the DR for the last 12 years with some success. Anyway I was wondering if there were any other forex traders or stock market traders in the DR who would perhaps like to meet up.. I am in the Bavaro area of...
  5. Andrew Smith

    Looking for friends in Bavaro

    Hi there. Looks like I first joined in 2009 but I lost all contacts years ago and have only just started again with a new password. So to refresh my profile..... I am 45 British and speak fluent Spanish having lived in Panama and the D. R over the last 12 years. I am new to the Bavaro area...