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    Recording Studio

    Hey All, Does anyone know if there is a recording studio anywhere around the North Coast Area... I assume there is probably one in Santiago. I need a place where time can be rented to record a CD Demo and am not trying to go all the way to the Capital. Thank you, GG
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    Where o Where can Gringo Diablo Be???

    GD, Man... you left your glasses... they are at the store, when are you comin back?
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    I am going to turn in to ONE BIG MOSQUITO BITE!!!

    Nothing I do works... I have 7 Bottles of Insect Repellent in front of me as well as 3 bottle of crap that is supposed to stop the itching. NOTHING WORKS... 1) What actually repels these little blood suckers? 2) What actually stops the darn itch???
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    Advice/Referral: Any and All Comments WELCOME!!!

    Hello All, I have two important questions - one of which has been talked about extensively in the archives, but I would like more up to date oppinions. The first one is: I need an accountant here in the Dominican Republic and would love some referrals. I have plenty of knowledge of accounting...
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    Just Checking In

    Hey Everyone... How is all??? Trying to catch up on the reading but I just do not seem to have the time. Thanks to Maryanne and Escott for coming in to talk this week. Anyone in the mood for a small get together nextweek for a drink - somewhere in Cabarete? Talk to you soon. GG
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    Long Time No Talk!

    Hey All, Long time no talk. The store has kept me busy. So much for Casa Linda being safe. I have only been there 7 days and last night my house was invaded by someone while I slept through the whole damn thing. Over 1000 USD taken... Josefina Covents is working on it as we speak... we think we...
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    I Got Published!!!!

    I Got Published!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!! My Entire Academic Career I have been writing paper after paper for school. My Entire Academic Career I have always had hopes of being published, but never felt my material was good enough! TODAY I GOT NOTICE. The first...
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    Well, I found a place to live...

    After a month of searching, I have found a place where I am satisfied with and I do not feel like I am being robbed. I have took in everyones advice... THANK YOU... and I have finally found a 2br/2ba home w/ a pool in Casa Linda. It is $850 + elec. Some people have told me that is too...
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    Color Copier & Laminator?

    Hey Hey... Does anybody have a color copier and laminator that I can use for a nominal fee??? Or a name and location of a place around pop that has one. I need to copy some items out of my book and laminate them for on order merchandise and do not really want customers looking at my entire...
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    Terramar Estates

    Terramar Estates: Okay all... oppinions needed... never been... do not know the area... through one of my recent inquiries to a realtor I was sent this house... in Terramar Estates... beautiful and has all the amenities I desire... of course at a higher price than I originally wanted... BUT I...
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    The Aduana Can Lick My BUTT

    You know... I was just telling BB this morning how good I was doing on the importing. I had gotten really good values and rates... normally a wink or a smile gets my good guy even asked me for a kiss on the cheek once... whatever! But today.... I DID NOT BRING THE KY JELLY... I...
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    Ok, so this is tasteless...

    Okay so this joke is tasteless but do not get offended anyone... PLEASE!! Okay, so these three priests took a troubled boy from their Sunday Bible Study Class on a fishing trip. They are all out in the lake fishing when they notice the boat starting to sink. The boy panics, slips and falls...
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    Let's try this one more time???? RENTAL NEEDED

    Okay Guys, I figured I would try this one more time as it is much closer now and I have more in mind of what I need and want. Looking for 2 BR rental for long term in the Cabarete area. I will consider places outside Cabarete, I am in Costambar now and need to get closer to Cabarete for less of...
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    EPS @ $5.50 per pound???

    Hey Guys... I have been using EPS here in Puerto Plata nad it has been fine, but it the upcoming months I am getting more and more packages... I just received one today that was 25 lbs and I had to pay EPS $137.50 USD... there rates are 5.50 USD per pound and it is getting outrageous. Any...
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    Kitty Litter

    I am sooooooo depressed... My cat is coming to me on Saturday and I HAVE NO KITTY LITTER! HELP!!!! I do not understand... I was able to buy his food... his litter box... and even litter liners.... but NO kitty litter. I went to the Messon, Tropical and several vets... and no luck. When I ask...
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    Ok Ok Ok... GAME TIME... Everybody Play

    Since everybody here just loves to play name the amount at the grocery store... we are going to play another game... called name the amount for clothing... ;) Yes Yes I am Crazy and there is a method to my madness. I am trying to see what the average is around the country for various clothing...
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    Printing Company

    Hello, Does anyone have any printing company (for business cards, letter head, invoices, carbon copy forms, etc.) that they would like to recommend, local to the north coast? or would I be better off just dealing with a US Mail Order company? Regards
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    Retail Store Equipment? Going Out Of Business?

    Hi All, My friend asked me to help her look for some materials... so as always I am turning to dr1 for the much needed help. I am looking for store displays/materials that would be needed in a clothing store type establishment... like racks, wall grids, mannequins, case/counter etc. I have...
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    Bank Account

    In everyone's oppinion... what is the best bank to open up a bank account in? We are in Puerto Plata area, it will not hold alot of cash at any given time because I am hesitant to deposit too much. Also is it better to open it in dollars or pesos? Thank you
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    Scholarly Paper Help:

    Okay All, I need help. I am drawing a blank... I have to write a paper pertaining to one of the following or similar: Suggested Paper Topics (though not limited to these): Iconicity, Traditions, Gendered (Re)configurations Writing Female Subjectivity Liberatory Poetics for the 21st century...