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    Images from the Best Carnevals in the D.R.

    After traveling around the country for 21 years I have accumulated many images of the various Carnevals in the Dominican Republic. You can see them in this YouTube photo video. My favorites towns in desending order were La Vega, Santo Domingo, Bonao, Santiago, Monte Cristi, and Puerto Plata, San...
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    Carnival Masks from the Dominican Republic

    Saludos! I have been selling my collection of masks from the Dominican Republic. Anyone interested can check them out as they are currently listed on EBay at Set of 3 Carnival Masks from The Dominican Republic La Republica Dominicana | eBay. To put you in the spirit for Carnaval coming up in...
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    The Spirit of the Dominican People

    The #1 reason for traveling to the Dominican Republic, and returning there? It has to be the warm and enthusiastic spirit of the Dominican people. Love of life, joy, welcoming you, pride in their culture and music and food. Here is a YouTube video slide-show that I made and want to share here...
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    The Best Baile de Bachata Ever?

    Saludos. This just may be the best dancing of Bachata that I have ever seen in my many years traveling to the D.R. It was posted on YouTube. Here is the link...YouTube - ‪bailando bachata en bonao‬‏
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    Photographer Ends Love Affair After 21 Years-Will Remain Good Friends

    Saludos! After 21 years of traveling to and photographing the Dominican Republic I will be retiring to Costa Rica. This means that my entire photo collection with prints, matted photos, gallery style mounted photos, & carnival masks is available for sale at very low prices. I won't be taking...
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    YouTube Video Photo Slide Show

    Saludos! I just wanted to share with everyone one of my YouTube Videos of some photos that I took during my many years of traveling in the Dominican Republic. YouTube - More Images of the Dominican Republic-Dominicano Soy. Gracias. Paul Gerace
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    2011 Photo Calendars of the Dominican Republic

    Saludos! I would like to announce the completion and availability of my new 2011 Photo Calendar of the Dominican Republic. It features images that I have taken during my 21 years of traveling to the Dominican Republic. Areas shown are from Santiago, Bonao, Santo Domingo, Paraiso, Bayahibe...
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    Saludos! I just had another great vacation in the Dominican Republic. After about 5 years I returned to Hotel Riu Mambo in Bahia de Maimon which is about 15 minutes west of Puerto Plata. (I have been traveling to the DR twice a year for the past 20 years). The plan was to just relax, chill...
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    Carnivals in the Dominican Repulbic

    Saludos! It's that time of year again when the DR celebrates Carnival. I invite everybody to see my YouTube slide show video of the many Carnivals all over the country. These images I took over the past 20 years. My favorites were in La Vega for it's huge and colorful celebration and Santo...
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    2010 Photo Calendars of the Dominican Republic

    Saludos! I would like to announce the completion of my new 2010 "People of the Dominican Republic" Photo Calendar. It features people from Santiago, Puerto Plata, Bahoruco, Isla Saona, Playa Caleton, Bonao, Santo Domingo, Cayo Levantado, Boca Chica, Playa Encuentro, Sosua, and Playa Quemaito...
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    Updated Photo EBook

    Saludos! ljust updated my Photo EBook titled IMAGES OF THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: MY IMAGES & IMPRESSIONS. It now includes photos and info about my horseback tour to the Cascadas de Limon and my whale watching excursion in the Samana Bay. For those of you who missed it, 2 years ago I...
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    Updated Photo EBook

    Saludos! <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> ljust updated my Photo EBook titled...
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    New Photos of Samana, Cabarete, Santo Domingo & It's Carnival

    Saludos! I have just posted several new images of Samana & Santo Domingo and it's Carnival. I also included a few images of Cabarete and Playa Encuentro from a few days that I spent there in December. You can see them here on DR1 in the media gallery section at Paul Gerace - DR1 Media Gallery...
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    Current Small Hotels in Samana

    Saludos! I am trying to find an inexpensive hotel in the town of Samana. I just found out Hotel Tropical Lodge is closed and the larger Hotel Bahia Principe of Samana is under renovation. Can someone recommend something that might have a pool, air-conditioning, view of the bay, and clean? I hear...
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    Whale Watching in Samana

    Saludos! Can the whales be easily seen and photographed from land, specifically Hotel Bahia Principe Samana and the beach/hotel of Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado or even from the Malecon? I know there are other places for viewing but just how large or close do they appear (from land)?? Gracias. Paul
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    2009 Dominican Republic Photo Calendars

    Saludos! My new 2009 Dominican Republic Photo Calendars are now available at Calendars : Gerace Images : Each page is 11x8.5 and the calendar is 11x17 when open and hung on a wall. The photo print quality is excellent. <a...
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    Whales at Las Terrenas?

    Saludos! I know the bay of Samana is the place to be during whale watching season but does anyone know if you can also see whales off of the beaches of Playa Bonita or Las Terrenas? Gracias.
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    New Photos of Las Terrenas, Playa Bonita, Playa Coson, & Cascada de Limon

    Saludos! I returned from my vacation in Playa Bonita, Playa Coson, Las Terrenas, and Cascada de Limon. Playa Bonita was gorgeous & mellow, Playa Coson was beautiful & expansive, Las Terrenas did have many motorcycles but was much less busy than I had expected, and the waterfall was definitely...
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    Dominican Republic Photo EBook

    Saludos! I have just updated by Photo EBook titled The Dominican Republic: My Images & Impressions. It now includes Lago Enriquillo, Isla Cabritos and the surrounding area. I have also included many colorful images of the Carnaval in Santo Domingo where I was allowed to walk along with the...
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    Bringing Dominican Friends to US

    Hi! Can someone please tell me how possible it is to have a friend come to work and/or live in the US? What is involved? Passport, visa, money? How difficult is it and what the steps are? I realize this topic must have come up before so if someone knows what prior post to direct me to please...