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  1. Peterj

    Video: New Tunnel

    ...and what will happen when it's raining cats and dogs....
  2. Peterj

    Arthur The King
  3. Peterj

    Miss DR: Who’s Your Favorite?

    definitely YES
  4. Peterj

    Another bad week on the roads

    It's a jungle out there, survival of the fittest.
  5. Peterj

    So, my landlord decided to empty our septic tank

    Nearest ditch or piece of land...
  6. Peterj

    First Class

    twice half :p
  7. Peterj


    Didn't they move those posts to the Clown Bin...🥳🤡
  8. Peterj


    Great idea! Go for it! Please keep us posted on your success!
  9. Peterj


    That's why the bible is there for, to avoid more mishap...:LOL::ROFLMAO::D:p
  10. Peterj

    Damage to Airplane Landing at Las Américas

    They repave the same way as they repave the streets....
  11. Peterj

    Damage to Airplane Landing at Las Américas

    You are funny! :ROFLMAO::D:LOL:
  12. Peterj


    This curve is famous for the motocoñasos to drive against traffic, this one almost was clipped. I don't feel sorry for them, they never learn and act like they are king of the road.
  13. Peterj

    Seven vehicles impacted in chain-reaction accident in La Romana

    All the above mentioned things you learn when you go for your driving license, unfortunately not in the DR where the value of a drivers license is less than a huevo! "Letting that vehicle pass you", :ROFLMAO: never!
  14. Peterj

    Wow! Effects of the Hard Rains in Santo Domingo

    Doesn't look so good....and that is on the outside....imagine....
  15. Peterj

    Thousands apply to join the Police; new wages and perks motivate young people

  16. Peterj

    Create State Fair?

    If Guatemala can have a permanent amusement park, why can’t the DR? No one is asking for another Walt Disney World. That one doesn’t depends on tourists for its survival. In case no one noticed, Guatemala is poorer than the DR and doesn’t have the tourism to the degree the DR does. I don’t even...
  17. Peterj

    Create State Fair?

    ... while you're at it, buy yourself a farmacia to provide enough medication for the additional headaches...
  18. Peterj

    Toyota Mechanic

    Which model and year is the car?
  19. Peterj

    Wow! Effects of the Hard Rains in Santo Domingo

    How about cleaning them on a regular basis, maintenance and theft free lids...
  20. Peterj

    Arthur The King