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    Occidental Gran Punta Cana

    Home a week now from our stay at above resort. The grounds, pools were very nicely kept,,,but we stayed in bldg 25. In bad need of a facelift. Showers were broken, had to hang onto shower head, not very relaxing way to clean yourself. Lots of tiny bugs in sinks,,,no bed bugs,,,,the resort is a 3...
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    Lobster in Punta Cana

    Just me again.....trying to gather as much info as I can. In 2006 when I stayed in Cabarete, and we ate out,,,,when we ordered lobster.....ONCE and only once,,,we got something that was so small,,,had no taste, etc. Not at all like lobster we would get in Mexico, St.Maartin, etc. Someone told me...
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    Occidental Gran Punta Cana

    Hi there. We are a group of families travelling to Punta Cana in early December. Just wondering.....staying at Occidental Grand Punta Cana,,,do we need to have "pesos" or u.s. money, if we choose to go outside resort to do any shopping, etc. Also,,any comments on the above resort would be...
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    A place for timeshare for sale ad

    Hi there First and foremost, do not want to post something that is either not allowed or in the wrong place. Some forums have links where people could advertise a vacation property for sale, etc. I have found lots of "scam" resale companies that I refuse to pay upfront fees. Does DR 1 have any...
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    Ocean Manor REsort - Cabarete?

    Some of you will probably remember helping me out trying to find this place in Jan 2006, and get some comments on what it was like. When we stayed in Cabarete, we took a walk down there and it was still under renovations. Now, that is has been open for a good year,,,,can anyone who has stayed...
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    Been Away - what happened to Taco Tuesday?

    Sorry for being behind or missing something,,,,but I have not been on the board for a while. Wondering what happened to Taco Tuesday,,,,,it was one of the highlights of my trip last year to D.R.:ermm:
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    Grand Opening-Ocean Manor?? Did it happen?

    Hi there. Curiosity is killing me. Grand opening for Ocean's Manor was to be Feb 1/06. Just wondering if anyone knows if it went off and if so, what the place looks like now. I viewed it on Jan 10/06 and it was NO where near being ready. Any info would be great. Thanks ;)
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    Suffering from "Withdrawal"!!

    Hola! to all my friends in D.R. Please, help me out.........I am suffering from a "Bahama Mamma" withdrawal thing. Does anyone know the recipe for these wonderful drinks??? Anything would help. Sitting up here in Canada, freezing our ass_es off!!! Really need a pick me up! Gracias!! Meg and...
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    1st Trip-Jan 8-15/06-"Unbelievable"!!!

    Hola!! First and foremost, a sincere "thank-you" to all on this forum who took the time to answer many, many questions I had while planning our trip!! It certainly was appreciated and very helpful!! We flew out of T.O. on Jan 8/06. Slight delay when we got on the plane. Had to fix a little...
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    Gran Ventanna vs Viva Wyndham Tangerine??

    Hi there. I am posting this for a friend without computer. She will be travelling to north coast with husband and two boys aged 14 yrs. Do any of you have an opinion which of the above named resorts would be best suited for the kids. I understand both are nice. I know this person would want a...
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    Grocery Stores???What to expect???

    Hi again. You can all probably tell, I am getting the last minute details out of the way. I have been told that there is a grocery store very near the Windsurf Resort in Cabarete, my question to everyone is: What can I expect?? Is it similar to our grocery stores? Can you get almost anything...
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    Types of Rum Available??

    Not to insult anyone at all, but my favourite drink is Bacardi white rum and pepsi. From some of the different sites reading about the D.R. I have read about the wonderful rums avail in D.R. but mostly they refer to gold or amber coloured rum. Unfortunately, these types of rums seem to not...
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    Best Lobster ?? North Coast.

    Hi there. Can anyone give any advice or opinions on where we could dine out for really good lobster/ or surf and turf?? Is the lobster good in D.R. We will be in the Cabarete/Sosua area mostly. Thanks in advance for any input. Just 8 more sleeps!!!!!!:classic:
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    What to bring for local D.R. children??

    Hi there. As a lot of you know, we are heading to Cabarete in Jan/06. I am in the middle of Xmas shopping and I was thinking of some of the children in the D.R. who may not have as much as most of our own children. Can you people, in the know, suggest some items I could bring along for them. I...
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    Fate is Sealed!-Windsurf it is!

    Hi there. I am sure some of you are sick of hearing from me, but please know that I appreciate your patience You have helped me considerable with general knowledge of the D.R. I guess my situation has pretty much been decided for me. I got out of having to stay at the Playa Dorada complex and...
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    Hydro outages????

    :ermm: Can someone tell me about the power outages in Sosua/cabarete area? When I have been checking some accomodations out, they mention for instance: a/c, but when the municipal hydro is out, you only have ceiling fans. I guess I have omitted asking about the hydro situation. How often...
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    Winsurf Resort-Cabarete??

    Another option for accomodation is the Windsurf Resort in Cabarete. Apparently have 2 bedroom condo avail that is another possibility. This resort is not affliated with RCI, but with II. Can anyone offer opinions of condition of this resort, location benefits, etc. AGain, still checking all...
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    2 bedroom condo needed-Cabarete/sosua

    :ermm: Anyone with any info on where a person could find a 2 bedroom condo near Cabarete or Sosua, I would like to hear from you.I do prefer on the water. I found a listing by Connie and Greg Wales, but they did not have a profile,therefore have no way to contact them. Anyone heard of them...
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    Hideaway Beach Resort?

    Hello there. Just wondering if anyone out there knows exactly how far this resort is to Cabarete or Sosua. I have read varying reports. Some say 0.3 mile, some say shuttle 15 minutes.???? Just wondering if we stayed there if we would have to have transportation to go out to bars/restaurants...
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    HELP!! Looks like plans squashed!!

    :cry: We had a trip planned to Cabarete. Staying at the Ocean's Manor resort. (which by the way is under construction.) Some of you probably have read my messages before. Well, someone sent me an email when they saw my comments and they too were supposed to be going to Ocean's Manor Resort but...