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    Covid, flu and dengue

    place your mask where they belong the incinerator
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    Before Boarding for SDQ Departures

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    Before Boarding for SDQ Departures

    I thought we were done with the Covid bull shit .......are you related to Fauci ?
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    Before Boarding for SDQ Departures

    would it be as smooth if you arrive with a service animal ?
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    Sewers in DR - I have Solution

    I am actually surprised by your post .......I didnt think there were actual rules for driving in the DR. If 30% of all university educated people that would not throw garbage out the window of their car in the USA ....did so in the would still be a small part of the overall problem...
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    Sewers in DR - I have Solution

    Only one way to solve the problem Education .....and that will take years
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    Armed robbery at Banco Popular branch in Santo Domingo

    I hope they are caught .......I dont care where they come from .......feed them to the sharks
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    7 Caribbean Destinations Where You Can Vacation Comfortably on $2,000 for 2 Weeks

    some people like to show off or brag about their spending power .....they are called " Big" mouths .......Personally I was here for two weeks in April and I would think I spent about $2000 for my vacation and enjoyed it immensely
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    Put your dog in a cage ?

    I take my German Shepherd to DR all the time and have driven all over the country ....I did get stopped recently for not having a seat belt on and he gave me a ticket .He never mentioned the dog . Sometimes he sits in the back seat and sometimes he will sit up front .
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    Notice to leave - renting commercial premises

    so you ask a Lawyer ......and then come to the non lawyers for legal advice
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    President Abinader wins reelection bid

    not if they keep accepting 1,000 pesos for their vote
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    How can you be this evil?

    may she have a long . slow and painfull death
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    jetBlue Adding New Routes and Upgrades

    surely that should read....100s of thousands
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    jetBlue Adding New Routes and Upgrades

    jet blue sucks
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    Attempted Kidnapping of Rafael Guerrero

    exposing dirty politicians and low life drug dealers is being a rat ?
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    Car parked for several months while I’m away.

    ive left my car numerous times for about 3 months at a go ......never had a problem with tyres .One thing I do is fill the tank before i leave ....apparently it helps keep moisture out of the gas
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    The complete chaos in immigration at Las Americas SDQ airport

    I had a similar experience flying out Wednesday night seemed to be a change of shift ........passengers were left waiting and waiting