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    Wind turbine / Wind generator

    Does anybody know where I can buy a wind generator system in Santo Domingo?
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    Punta Cana - Miches

    How is the road between Punta Cana and Miches and how long will take the travel? Thank you for your feedback
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    Wow - have a look....

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    Residencia Renewal after expire date

    Hi, how Long time after the residencia is ex?ired you can still renew it? Can it be 10 months or even 2 years? Is there a Limit in time for that? After that time do you Need to start over completely new with the process, which means Visa and so on? Thank you for your Feedback.
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    title for land with a child

    Is it possible to put a child into a title for land alone or at least with an adult together?
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    Renew Residencia - How long in advance?

    I do have a simple question. How long in advance I can start the process for renewing the Residencia? Is the new Residencia as well valid only for one year (like the first initial one) or is it for a longer period of time? Thank you
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    Drill a water hole

    I'm looking for a company who is able to drill a hole for water in the ground. The problem is that we have done this with the standard way and they stopped at 7 meters as there is a very hard rock layer. So what I need is a company which really drills the whole and not push it into the ground...
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    Printer - repair???

    I have two printers, which are quite new, but do not work anymore. Is there a shop on the south cost or in SD, which is ale to repair them? Both are HP printers and I guess it is only a small issue, but here in the city nobody is able to fix it. Do you know as well a shop to buy new laser...
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    I want to know if anybody has applied for the residencia, after getting the new required Visa? I got the Visa now and according to the papers I will not need any additional document. I only need to go to the office and apply for the residencia. Then I need to take the medical exam. That should...
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    Internet via satellite

    Dear all, do you now any service provider for internet service via satellite profiding the service in the DR as well? Where can I find the information and what is your feedback about the service? I need a reliable solution to be put in place asap. Thank you for your feedback.
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    Are the prices of the different plans online available somewhere? On the webpage I can not find pricing information. Thanks
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    10.000 usd

    There is the regulation that someone can travel with 10000 USD into the DR, right? But for me it is not clear if that is per person or per adult or per family. I do not remember what was written on the immigration form. Can someone help me here? Thank you.
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    Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) for Kidney Stones on south coast

    Hi all, I'm looking for a clinic who is able to perform a Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) for Kidney Stones on the south coast from La Romana to Santo Domingo. Doe's anybody have some experiences with EWSL in the DR and can someone recommend a good clinic to perform it? As well if...
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    houseboat regulations

    Are there any regulations for a houseboat in the DR? Thank you
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    Hato Mayor del Rey

    Are there any people from the forum living in Hato Mayor? I'm looking for some people to get in contact. Would be nice if you can answer here or contact me per PN. Thanks :knockedou
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    Relocation Service ? Experiences

    Dear all, do you have any experiences with relocation services from Europe to the DR with door to door service. Is this service possible in the DR? Or will these service end with customs in the DR? Was this service done for you in the past and what can you recommend to put special care on it...
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    Solar Panel

    What are the current local prices for solar panels for a 24V system with at least 190W? Any experience and any recommandation for a shop in SD? Thank you :classic:
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    Health insurance

    Which local insurance you can recommend (2 adults, 2 kids)? What are the costs? Sorry if already posted, but the search engine is not really working. Thanks
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    What are the rules and laws for a divorce in the DR. How the split will be done e.g. from house, bank account car and so on? What about the bank account which is only registered on one partner? Thanks
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    Bank account related

    Bank account during divorce I have a question concerning a bank account in the DR. If the account is only registered on one partner, what is the situation during a divorce? Is the partner able to get access to this bank account? What are the rules for the bank account during a divorce and what...