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  1. Auryn

    Rays star shortstop Wander Franco accused of inappropriate relationship

    He’s not the only one. He just didn’t pay enough to keep things quiet.
  2. Auryn

    Since the DR is a Catholic Country, will the local churches go along?

    Canon law means only as much as the community in question. They can be as archaic as they so choose. Progressive maybe not but archaic, absolutely. For example, many African countries still don’t allow two godparents of the same gender. People born in the 70s in North America may have had...
  3. Auryn


    If it were Punta Cana we’d go with Mike. Alberto seems the only North (west) Coast recommendation. His Facebook site seems to check all the boxes.
  4. Auryn


    Thanks, is this his Facebook site? I assume so but wanted to check. Alberto Fishing Tours Rodriguez If anyone has any others (Puerto Plata or Cabarete too) we hope to go the first week of January.
  5. Auryn


    Any recommendations for a decent fishing charter- Puerto Plata/ Sosua/ Cabarete? I’m looking for first hand (or close to it) reviews from dr1ers. I’ve googled thanks.
  6. Auryn

    Canadian missionaries sentenced for sexual abuse of Dominican children

    7 years and 5 years? People like this should get life - minimum. Make an example of them.
  7. Auryn

    Coast Guard 60 migrants rescued from makeshift vessel taking on water near Dominican Republic, Coast Guard says

    “Last month, the Coast Guard intercepted nine unlawful migration voyages in the Mona Passage and waters near Puerto Rico. In those cases, a total of 206 non-U.S. citizens, including 201 Dominicans and five Haitians, were stopped.” Many Dominicans are also entering the US through Mexico.
  8. Auryn

    Mayday on Punta Cana flight

    I do not entirely disagree with you but it’s still important to consider the source. 100percentfedup is obviously going to have an agenda and bias to persuade you to believe their angle here. There are so few trustworthy news sources any more but I certainly wouldn't add this to my list.
  9. Auryn

    Stay away from Haina/San Cristobal today

    Motos with a death wish at every possible angle. Lack of proper traffic infrastructure. Lack of consequences for traffic violations. I feel more vulnerable in a guagua than driving myself. The saddest part is that this is the only option for many Dominicans. The country wouldn't function...
  10. Auryn

    This fish foretells disasters?

    Oarfish are very rarely encountered and can grow much bigger than this one. They typically live in very deep water and don’t often surface. I was just teaching about them last week and to have one turn up in Monte Cristi is significant. I read in the first link below that before the 2011...
  11. Auryn

    2023 Hurricane Season

    The forum is lucky to have you. I check here even before COE. Thanks for yet another season.
  12. Auryn

    Dominican Drivers License - Puerto Plata

    What is the process for obtaining a Dominican Drivers license? Also time frame? Foreign resident- With Cédula.
  13. Auryn

    Noise Problem?

    The Passport Bros have a monopoly on the ATV rentals in Sosua. They love a loud muffler.
  14. Auryn

    Noise Problem?

    Yo también. Banks in particular. Then I need something fixed on my car and I pay $250 pesos for what would have been an easy $100-$200 dollars at home and I forgive the idiocy for a day or two. And then a moto flies past me on the left while I’ve been signalling and patiently waiting to...
  15. Auryn

    Noise Problem?

    And yet others actually suffer the physical harm and still don’t learn.
  16. Auryn

    Out of control?

    A drop in the bucket in comparison to how some of the politicos/rich behave.
  17. Auryn

    Wanda García Rondón suspended at National Aquarium; Nuria presents evidence major irregularities continue

    I visited the aquarium in 2014 and it was sad, tired, and dirty but somewhat passable. Her recent efforts and budgeting are really quite obvious. What a shocker. We went again in the spring of 2022 and there was really no point. The nurse sharks in the underwater walkway were gone and I...
  18. Auryn

    Blue Mall SD Expansion

    I like the space in Agora the best, and it’s great for what is offered. The new little Miniso stores are fantastic because they’re cheap like the Chinese stores around the island but clean and they stock better quality items. For clothing there’s variety as well in both prices and quality. I...
  19. Auryn

    FISHING Issue at La Boca, Cabarete

    Here we go, a DR specific and a recent article from Feb/2022. Not in Cabarete but Nagua. And I was mistaken, they’re more so shipping them to Japan. “At the beach, each eel gram—about seven baby eels—is paid in cash. Each kilo (about two pounds) can cost up to 250,000 Dominican pesos, almost...
  20. Auryn

    Airport Pick Up STI

    My thoughts exactly. Thanks Sky.