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  1. Marlon Rojas

    Dominican consulate in Madrid is evicted over noise complaints

    I'm surprised.................that it took so long.
  2. Marlon Rojas

    Only a fraction have renewed vehicle tax stickers

    Is there any chances that people that live out of the country an own a vehicle in DR could pay the marbete fees.
  3. Marlon Rojas

    South Korean culture has strong following in DR

    This news is a bit deceiving since Dominicans will attend anything that sounds like a party.
  4. Marlon Rojas

    Ozempic (Semaglutide)

    I used Ozempic when in the US (insurance covered) here in DR too expensive. Used once a week. now I use Metformin combine with Lantus insulin and it works for me. now I understand that Ozempic and Trulicity are the same been trulicity a lot cheaper.
  5. Marlon Rojas

    Santo Domingo just has too many vehicles in circulation

    Agree I apologize if my English wasn’t good enough.
  6. Marlon Rojas

    Santo Domingo just has too many vehicles in circulation

    No some people have more than one vehicles.
  7. Marlon Rojas

    Santo Domingo just has too many vehicles in circulation

    Include Bani and I can say that here in the Peravia province the amount of vehicles easily surpass people’s general population.
  8. Marlon Rojas

    What about Jarabacoa?

    Seem to me that most of people that wants to live in this part of the island are fixeatEd whith the north coast to find a please to live, don’t get wrong but I’ve been in many of those places and they are in good Dominican “Monte y culebra”. I went this past Saturday to San Jose de Ocoa and...
  9. Marlon Rojas

    La Sirena to sell Corte Inglés products

    For those who wants to know what Corte inglés means here in DR … it’s to say of a person with skinny legs very little behind and a big stomach. That’s what I heard since I was a child. no offense to anyone cuz I look like one.
  10. Marlon Rojas

    You came here from there………

    Love it.!!!
  11. Marlon Rojas

    Baní bypass road is half way completed

    The only way this project may work is for the transit police to enforce all heavy vehicles, buses,Haitian contraband etc. to travel through the circunvalación and that’s going to require a hell of a job from the traffic agents and whoever try to organize what is happening in Bani, since the...
  12. Marlon Rojas

    New entry procedures

    Hi everyone. I wonder if anyone now what to do if during filling out the E-Ticket form you can't provide cédula # because you don't have one.
  13. Marlon Rojas

    to re enter usa from the dr ?

    I'm fully vaccinated of COVID 19 and traveling soon to the DR from Boston, do I need proof of a negative COVID19 test? I do know that I need one to return to the USA.
  14. Marlon Rojas

    Proverbs in Spanish (Dichos)

    Mala vuelta lleva el palo - bad lap carries the stick Many use depending the situation for example - when your son tells you he wants to quit school or your daughter starts using make up and pretending to be sexy at very young age in other words thing are not looking good.
  15. Marlon Rojas

    Proverbs in Spanish (Dichos)

    Mala vuelta lleva el palo- bad lap carries the stick
  16. Marlon Rojas

    8MM Insulin pen needles

    I'am diabetic miself and I purchase the Lantus insuline pen @ Farmacias del pueblo for $350 pesos per unit.
  17. Marlon Rojas

    Proverbs in Spanish (Dichos)

    Cuando el rio suena es porque agua trae. Culebra no se amarra en lazo. No hay mal que por bien no venga. El dia mas claro llueve. nos llevo quien nos trajo. Tan buen pelo y tan mala cabeza. Es que esta en la edad del pavo. si como caminas cocinas guardame el concon. No fio hoy manana si. Un...
  18. Marlon Rojas

    Punta Arenas complex

    15 junio, 2015 Por M. Su?rez Este martes 16 de junio se dar? el primer picazo al proyecto tur?stico que el Grupo Puntacana junto a las familias Selman, Rizek y Read levantar? en la zona de Los Corbanitos en Ban?, provincia Peravia, complejo que integrar? dos hoteles, y que desde ya se perfila...
  19. Marlon Rojas

    Los Corbanitos, Bani

    According to the construction of a tourist complex will start in June by the Rainieri family in the Corbanitos area near Punta Salinas in Peravia, Bani.