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    Trial for Murder of Lindsay de Feliz

    I think what we should be asking now is....Is there anything at all that can still be done before they are released? Is there an appeal? How can we help if we are not there?
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    Trial for Murder of Lindsay de Feliz

    This is heartbreaking, I am very sorry for her family. They have been through years of seeing just how this country works through the eyes of sweet Lindsay and I'm sure they may have expected this but it is still a downright shock never the less. Well the only thing now is to hope something...
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    Old Barcelo Capella Location

    Has this been built now? Does anyone have any photos etc?
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    Old Barcelo Capella

    Has anything been built on the old site of the Barcelo Capella yet?
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    Old Barcelo Capella Location

    Hi All, Any news on the old Barcelo Capella Hotel location? Are they doing anything with it yet?
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    Airport Transfers

    Does anyone have any suggestions on Airport transfers from La Romana to Juan Dolio for a group of 7 people? Normally I would just get a ride from a friend but now we have so many of us I am thinking of finding an airport transfer? Any recommendations?
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    Barcelo Cappela Sold??

    Does anyone know of Barcelo Capella being sold? I read somewhere that they had been bought by Club Hemingway and are to close in April? I am just about to book a vacation in November there.....
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    Parent Sponsorship to Canada

    Hi Everyone! I just looked at the CIC website to get information about sponsoring Mario's Mother to Canada. She doesn't know about it yet but I was telling my husband it would be the only way to get her to be able to visit us here and I really want that. I know she would not want to stay more...
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    Do I dare?

    So I am going to SPDM for a week on January 8th and we are thinking of renting a car this time and I will be driving it..... ay, ay, ay! Normally we get one and a family friend drives us everywhere but he is busy working this time and I hate taking taxi's everywhere. I am not "really" scared -...
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    Purolator in San Pedro de Macoris

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know if there is a Purolator store in San Pedro de Macoris?? It has to be Purolator. Thanks!
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    Obtaining an original Marriage Certificate while in Canada

    Does anyone know if I can get a new original Marriage Certificate while in Canada? I just found out my husband must have left our Original at the US Embassy when he went for his Visa and I need to renew my passport and legally change my name and they need an original. I am in Canada right now...
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    Congratulations Sangria

    Sangria - you are a moderator now?? Congratulations!! Sorry - I know it is off topic! LOL
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    DR to Cancun

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know of any flights either from Santo Domnigo or Punta Cana to Cancun, Mexico? The only thing I could find on the internet was from Miami. Thanks!
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    US Visa for a Canadian (Dominicano) Permanent Resident

    Has anyone (Dominicanos) had luck getting a US Visa after becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident? How hard was it to get? Any tips? I am taking my husband for his interview on June 25th to get a US visa so we can visit his brother in Miami after going to the DR this Fall.
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    Immigration in Haiti - Contact Information

    It seems like half the people here have contact information and the others have nothing. I realize those who have yet to be appoved don't neccessarily want to give that info out but maybe those who are completed can pass along the contact info they had? The e-mail address I used and received...
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    We Are The World!

    I have to admit I absolutely love listening to "We Are The World!!!" on YouTube. I just found my World Vision Children's pictures. I have always been a giver and always donated to World Vision. I just found pictures of a little boy I sponsored for a while back in the late 90's. He is from the...
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    Ranchero Liquido Sazon - Canada??

    Does anyone know where you can buy Ranchero liquid seasoning here in Western Canada?
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    Manila, Philippines - More Immigration Officers

    I just checked the CIC website and read the following: More immigration officers will be sent to the visa office in Manila, Philippines, to speed up the processing of applications. What??? It shows timelines for Manila at 4-6 months for completion of spousal sponsorship while it shows 8-17...
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    Completed timeline for Canadian PR

    It would be nice to have a thread going for everyone who has already completed their sponsorship and can provide details on their timelines. This way we can see how things have been changing over the past couple of years. This information right now is in so many different places, it would be...
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    Hurray! Hurray! It's the First of May!! Outdoor f@#*in' begins Today!!! I love that saying! I know, I know, it is year round in the DR :cheeky: