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    Dental Implants

    Who was the dentist in Cabarete and are you happy with the results?
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    US Exchange Rate

    58.31 Charles Schwab Debit card. Friday Jan 5
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    Cangrejo bridge closed due to major structural failure.

    Any update about the bridge opening please?
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    Focus on medical tourism

    A family member did a major dental work here and it turned into a nightmare. He ended up spending more money than the United States.
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    Cangrejos Bridge Has New Damage

    Has anyone recently travelled to Santiago thru Jamao? how is the road condition?
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    Need urologist in puerta plata

    Thanks for info. In your experience, is she the type who is willing to take her time with patients? I have several years of MRI reports that I would like for her to go through them. Thanks
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    McDonald's in Puerto Plata

    I had a similar experience a couple of days ago. at 9:00 am I ordered a standard breakfast platter that included burrito, has brown and coffee. Only one order ahead of me and it took 20 minutes for my order. The coffee was very cold and the burrito tortilla was so hard that I couldn't bite on...
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    CPS has become unreliable

    Another source of frustration for me with CPS has been that they respond to my emails, about lost or delayed shipments, with some cryptic corporate line answers. Their focus is not to resolve your issue but to quickly respond to your emails with some nonsense. BTW, they never compensated me...
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    CPS has become unreliable

    I'm having exact same problems with CPS.
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    North Coast deal

    Have you figured out if the promotion price is for one or two persons in the same room?
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    Change of Appointment Date at DGM (Renew Residency)

    UPDATE: First thanks to all who responded to my question. Below is my experience on this issue, in case someone else has a similar question. My original assigned date to go to DGM was on March 9. I had to leave the country on that date and I didn't take any action online to accept or request...
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    Change of Appointment Date at DGM (Renew Residency)

    I got an appointment date to go to DGM at Santo Domingo to renew my residency. I will be out of the country on that day and want to request a different date about a month out. The DGM website has given me an option to "CONFIRMAR" or "RECHAZAR" the assigned date. My question is that if I...
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    Temporary Residency Renewal in Puerto Plata

    is your application status still "en evaluation"? Mine is getting close to a month and I'm a little nervous now.
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    Temporary Residency Renewal in Puerto Plata

    Pablo Ruiz Av.Gerl Ant. Imbert Barrera #24 Pto. Pta. Rep. Dom. Email: & WhatsApp# 809-210-8989 google map across the street from fire station.
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    Temporary Residency Renewal in Puerto Plata

    I went to Patria office in Puerto Plata yesterday and they referred me to a Dominica agent nearby who operates out of a Photography store. He promised me to have the receipt and other documents necessary to file online within 24 hours. And the originals within 10 days. The cost was $6730 pesos.
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    Temporary Residency Renewal in Puerto Plata

    Is it possible now to renew temporary residency in Puerto Plata? The reason I ask the question is that in the past when you selected Puerto Plata office on DGM website list of applications it did not listed the renewal of temporary but now it does. I don't know if it is a website glitch or...
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    Shingles vaccine availability

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    Shingles vaccine availability

    Abuela, were you able to find Shingrix vaccine? if yes, where?
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    Is covid-19 Rapid Test available anywhere?

    I think you are correct, because the email also mentioned that the result will be available at sosua office the next day and if I want the result the same day then I have to go to Puerto Plata.