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    Destination Wedding

    Hello, is any of you working with destination weddings or know someone who is? ... I have a few questions for that person.
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    El Saltadero de Jacagua, in Santiago.

    Two weeks ago I got to visit one of those places that most people don't know (thank god). These are some of the pictures that I took at Proyecto Saltadero. I hope you like them.
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    Just moved back to Santiago.

    Good morning, I was wondering if any of you is looking for a Bilingual Assistant in Santiago that has worked as a Relationship Banker at the second largest bank in the U.S. ? If you do PM me and I can email you my resume which will will furnish you with details concerning my education...
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    Mercado de Valores?

    Have any of you had any experience investing in bonds or any type of securities in the DR ?
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    Glass Jars - Stgo

    Longtime lurker here. I am helping my stepfather with a littler project and he needs to buy glass jars (mason jars). If anyone knows where to buy them pls let me know. Thanks in advance.