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    STARLINK is getting closer......

    Altice has 200 down and 20 up Fiber. One would think Claro would upgrade packages to compete. Hope so!
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    Dominican with US green card travel to spain?

    Never saw this come up before. I know my wife will need a visa to travel to spain. I assume it would be relatively easy to obtain since she has US green card? Has anyone done this before? I am thinking maybe valentine's day in Europe would be a nice change of pace. If not, maybe back to New orleans!
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    Married to Dominicana. Obtaining DR Citizenship.

    I am married to a Dominicana and never applied for residency as I travel 80% of my life. Traveled would be more accurate. I now will likely travel far less and heard that becoming citizen is faster and easier since I am married to a citizen? Should I be looking for a lawyer" Suggestions? Do it...
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    Dominican Driver License in US/NY

    I did a search and the most recent thread I saw was from 2007. My wife has DR license. She was just approved for a Visa to US. Is her DR license sufficient for driving there? Does she need to get an IDP or International Driving Permit? I assume th DR consulate in Miami can provide that? Thanks...
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    New fiber optic speeds!

    Just went to Claro in Bella Vista Mall. We have had Fibre for a while and had the 20 meg down, 1 meg up plan. Just ordered 100 meg down and 10 meg up plan. Cost? About 1500 pesos less than I was paying! 5x increase in DL and 10X in UL for less money? sign me the hell up. Wonder if I can get even...
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    Wife denied visa to CR? Incompetence or corruption?

    My company is holding a sales meeting in Liberia costa rica and I have invited 70 resellers and distributors, plus co workers and we will have over 50 rooms at a Riu resort in CR. Many of my customers know my wife and others wanted to meet her, so we planned on having her come to CR and then...
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    LT updates?

    We had been going to LT 3-4 times per year, but last year took a break and went to cabarete a few times. We live in la capital. Any new places? No major shut downs? We stay at Alisei and eat there a few times. Tres Caravelles is one favorite for dinner, Mojitos for lunch. I dig One Love for...
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    documents needed for DR marriage

    As usual, things are complicated in DR. I was told by juez civil I need notarized translations of birth certificate and divorce decree. I got certified copy of birth certificate with raised seal etc. Waiting for divorce agreement to arrive. Called DR consulate in Miami, who of course were rude...
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    Direct Consular Filing?

    I have a silly question. Does the Consulate in santo domingo offer DCF or direct consulate filing? Hopefully in 2 months or so we will be married. I have lived in santo domingo for 12 years but do not have residency as I am never here for more than 2 weeks at a time because of work. I am sure...
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    EDESUR and Protecom problems

    So. . . . we moved to new place 3-4 months ago. Same air condicioners, fans fridge etc. Used to pay 3000-4000 pesos month for electric. Last 3 bills have been 12,000, 13,000 and 8,000. One girl at Edesur told us that another apt in our building used to pay 9,000 or so but since we moved here...
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    Cruise leaving from SDQ, visa needed?

    I was just on a Copa flight yesterday and there was an ad for a cruise leaving Colon Panama to cartagena and the ABC islands. It had big text saying no US Visa needed. I started looking at maybe taking the novia on a cruise in january as she has never been, and I haven't in 20 years or more...
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    weekend in LT

    Last friday and saturday my fiance, myself and 3 co workers from mexico, and argentina went to LT for some team building. Had a great time. Surprised to see lots of changes since last trip in april. We stayed at Alisei as usual. Great hotel. The owners all know me when I show up as does some of...
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    mailboxes etc a joke?

    I finally set up an account with mailboxes etc. That part was painless. I ordered a bunch of stuff on amazon and had it shipped to MBE. The first item was a bradley smoker that cost about 370 bucks. After a short time I got an email saying it was in SDQ and ready for pick up. Great. They say...
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    It appears Dominicans will need visa to Argentina as of July 1st 2012

    BOLETIN OFICIAL REPUBLICA ARGENTINA You have to scroll down to resoluciones. It appears as of July 1st Dominicans will no longer be excluded from requiring a visa to Argentina. Rumor has it that Dominicans living in BA have been getting into trouble. Drugs, Prostitution, over staying visas etc...
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    Why are DR banks so nuts?

    I want to open a joint account with the fiance in dollars. Went to scotia. They say you need a letter from a bank you have done business with and your passport. Great, get a letter from banco leon where I have a pesos account. Can you guess? Not good enough. Needs to be from US bank. No problem...
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    turn around time for new US Passport

    My passport is far from expiring but close to being out of space for stamps. I had already added pages and these are also almost full. I travel a lot so would need to schedule "down time" in DR to take care of getting a replacement. I have done this before but can't for the life of me remember...
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    Invitation with "traje formal"

    I was just invited to an event in santo domingo, and the bottom of the invitation says "traje formal". I assume that means black tie or just normal suits? Leonel will be present, but I am not sure that makes a difference? if tux is required, can anyone recommend a tux rental place in la capital?
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    What is the deal with DR Immigration officers?

    I am not the brightest bulb but to me immigration officials should be concerned about fpreigners trying to illegaly immigrate their country. They should not worry about their citizens traveling to other countries whe said citizens have a valid travel visa for another country. My GF recently...
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    Need a photographer in SD

    Just need a simple picture for a corporate directory and a "who's who" for the industry I work in. Any recommendations for a photographer in la capital?
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    Best Golf near SD?

    I have a buddy coming down from MIA for a visit this weekend. He is a golf NUT. Which are the best courses near SD? I know there are some in Juan Dolio, Metro CC etc. Is it tough to get tee times? Any in SD proper that are worth playing?