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Since 1997, DR1 has been covering the Dominican Republic in English. A site overhaul had long been due. Here is the beta version of the first phase of the new DR1. We have upgraded the website with user-friendly software to serve our community better. We have kept the up-to-date content. Now it is your turn to give the new DR1 a test run!

We are tough-skinned. Go ahead and tell us what we are doing right, wrong, and what we need to change asap or work on next. Tell us what you would like to see less or more of, and what we shouldn’t change!

Imagine we have bought a new house for DR1. The house comes with:

  • New server that ensures DR1 can handle peaks in traffic
  • New DR1 Forums
  • Improved Search
  • New DR1 Calendar
  • DR1 News and DR1 Calendar are integrated into the DR1 Forums
  • New DR1 Wiki for frequently asked topics
  • New Trending Topics emails

We now need to furnish the house. It is YOUR DR1! We invite you to collaborate in adding valuable content. What content or services should we add? Check out the new resources, but get creative, too. You can contribute and play a key role in helping people connect, enjoy and be productive in the Dominican Republic.

Dolores Vicioso, founder

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