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    Bus trips from Puerto Plata

    Anyone aware of any bus trips from Puerto Plata to Aguilas games? (specifically Nov 4, 7 or 8)
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    UFC 217?

    Wondering if anyone knows anywhere in the Puerto Plata area that is showing the fight. The return of GSP! Thanks
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    Santiago hotels and places to go?

    I've been to Santiago a few times for baseball games (went up the monument once) ... this trip we're flying into STI for the first time. I was hoping for a baseball game the day we land, or the night before we fly home, but the schedule didn't work out that way. There's a game Friday night (we...
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    Baseball schedule is out

    I'm not sure when it came out, but I noticed it yesterday at ... I'm looking at Sat Nov 30 as a possibility ... Go Aguilas!
  5. T - Google maps, user updated!

    I love this page ... it's really helped me find the location of places that I've read about many times, but couldn't figure out exactly where they were. It has a ton of places already, but the more people update it, the better it gets. Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world!
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    New liquor store in Sosua

    During Semana Santa weekend 2011, I was in Cabarete and I was having trouble finding somewhere to exchange money (a bunch of them were closed). My buddy took me to a liquor store and the owner was very friendly and not only did he exchange money for me, he gave me a great rate. Of course, I...
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    Day trip to Santiago for a baseball game

    Three of us (plus a hired driver) went to a game two years ago and it was amazing, such a great time. It's like being at a party and a baseball game breaks out. I'd like to do it again, but make a day out of it, see the sites in Santiago during the day, then go to the game that night. There...
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    North Coast Management ....

    Deleted at op's request
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    April 22 (Good Friday)

    I know next Friday is a big holiday and a lot of things will be closed ... does anyone know if the bar at the airport will be open? No big deal, it's just tradition that the first thing we do after getting our luggage is to buy a couple ice cold Presidente's.
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    Grey Cup ...

    Can anyone confirm that there is a place (or several) to watch the Grey Cup in the Puerto Plata area? (do any POP bars have TSN?) If so, suggestions please ... getting married that week and an Argo's/Grey Cup veteren will be attending over going to Calgary (he's only been to the last 20 or so...
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    Gran Ventana resort (and/or wedding coordinator) email address

    We booked at the Gran Vantena for 16 nights (Nov 20-Dec 6) for our "symbolic" wedding (I live in Toronto, she lives in Philly, so we did the official wedding already to get the immigration paperwork started) I tried the only email on their web site ( but it's been over a week...