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  1. lifeisgreat

    Need Refridgerator Repair Man ASAP in Sosua

    Try Guy across street caribe bus next to fish restaurant at lights.. Joteca 809-571-2401
  2. lifeisgreat

    Firearm licence renewal amnesty ends tomorrow

    Correct…no renewal needed… handgun rules changing to every 2 yrs I think…
  3. lifeisgreat

    Horizontal Sliding Window Screen

    Just use aluminum mesh instead of fibreglass mesh
  4. lifeisgreat


    one part rubbing alcohol and one part vinegar for swimmers ear never heard of baby oil added..
  5. lifeisgreat

    Do you use Wyze cameras?

    I use them and switches great ..I use there switches with contact relays to control pool pumps and jacuzzi..
  6. lifeisgreat

    William Webster Has Passed, R.I.P.

    condolences to the family…another good man gone!
  7. lifeisgreat

    US donates Cessna for drug combatting operations to Ministry of Defense

    I doubt 8 million for plane alone, detection electronics inside which they won’t talk about..
  8. lifeisgreat

    Washing machine Repair- Midea

    across from caribe tours, air conditioning washer dryer guy fix’s both machines give him a try used him few times for both..
  9. lifeisgreat

    banco santa cruise login

    Make sure you download new app old won't work follow these steps to gain access to new app! Warning its in spanish only!
  10. lifeisgreat

    banco santa cruise login

    That platform doesn’t work anymore!!
  11. lifeisgreat

    President Abinader: Better roads, no more international airports

    Everyone is busy on north coast anyone calling it ghost town has blinders on or doesn’t come much here..
  12. lifeisgreat

    Professional Plumber

  13. lifeisgreat

    New Mediterranean Restaurant in Cabarete

    Hope they make falafel sandwiches :coffee:
  14. lifeisgreat


    Next time don’t thaw them put them frozen on BBQ or pan bought work out good..
  15. lifeisgreat

    Traffic Nuts

    It’s just busy now everyone back everything busy.. I know annoying..
  16. lifeisgreat

    Super Pola in Sosua, closing?

    Declining really!! Demographics changing but not declining..
  17. lifeisgreat

    Super Pola in Sosua, closing?

    every time I go to Pola it’s packed parking lot also…
  18. lifeisgreat

    Medical Emergency

    In mean time go to pharmacy ask for muscle relaxers no prescription needed unless narcotics.. good luck
  19. lifeisgreat

    Europeans stay away from Cuba !!!

    I thought Cubans giving choice to Americans to stamp passport!