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    Tropical Storm Omar ... was broad area of low pressure

    east of the Windwards .. shower and thunderstorm activity. Upper level winds are not favorable for development but this system is expected to bring heavy rains over the Windwards. Keep an eye on it as it travels west at 10 miles per hour.
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    Three Words

    What would be a good way to say French Press Coffee in Spanish?
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    Tropical Wave

    Hey, that?s been faster than i expected. the disturbance over the lesser antilles is named Invest 93, thunderstorm activities set in even under heaviest windshear. i still do not belive the model?s tracks bringing it straight up on a NW track right to the east south east of Hispaniola. weather...
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    Hurricane Gustav .. was Tropical Storm Gustav

    From tropical depression 7 to tropical storm in Record quick time. We will update as soon as possible as data becomes available. Tropical Storm Warnings are up for the south coast of the Dominican Republic from santo domingo westward into Hati to Port Au Prince. The forecast track has a...
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    Tropical Storm Fay ... was ... Tropical Weather Disturbance

    A Tropical Weather Disturbance is approaching Hispaniola and should be affecting the North Coast of the Island from tomorrow mid-morning onwards. This system seems to be made up of strong winds and rains, but a recon flight from Noaa and the NHC today did not find any evidence of anything more...
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    Heads Up - They're organizing early this year

    Noaa says that the tropical wave and broad area of low pressure about 1500 miles East of the Southern Windward Islands is showing signs of wanting to organize itself. The expectation is that this one will be an early tropical depression as it moves westward.</pre>
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    A Small Change

    After a small lifetime :laugh: moderating three and sometimes four forums on DR1, and helping out on many others, I've decided to take a break from moderating. To those who love me, don't fret, I am still here and around. To those who hate me, this is your opportunity to go and have a cold...
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    2008 - Hurricane Preparedness

    The hurricane season for the Atlantic runs between June 1, 2008 and November 30, 2008. Here where I am on the South Coast of Mexico, I saw the first storm of the Pacific season form off Belize over the past few days. The coasts of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica got...
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    Some Excellent Reporting from our Neighbors

    For those of you that are not aware of it, Mountainannie is doing some excellent reporting on the riots in our neighboring country at the moment ..
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    Congrats Whirleybird!

    For being voted spokesperson for the Friends of the Animals, Dominican Republic - Asociaci?n De Amigos Por Los Animales De Sos?a, Inc. Tell us a little about what you do?
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    Rising Cost of Living

    The IMF World Economic Outlook that came out a day or so ago considers that the US economy is not going to be too healthy, and this will certainly impact the remissions and tourism to the DR. Caribbean economies are being cautioned to brace for a significant slowdown in economic growth over the...
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    Posting Guidelines for New Posters - Living Forum

    1. While debate and discussion is fine, we will delete any post that is rude, insulting, contains a personal attack or is inflammatory. 2. Posters should post in a way that is respectful to other users. 3. Please stay in line with the topic being discussed and remember religion and race is off...
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    Catholic Church Says Polluting = Sin

    Goodness Gracious, the Catholic Church has added Environmental Pollution as a Mortal Sin in an updated list of what the Church considers a sin. Wow, this will change things I think. How do I NOT talk religion while asking Chip if this will influence the Catholics in the DR whatsoever?
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    To celebrate International Women's Day

    A few remarkable women .. enjoy. Why not add another few remarkable women to celebrate International Women's day. For passion and heart .. Isabel Allende TED | Talks | Isabel Allende: Tales of passion (video) For rethinking poverty .. Jacqueline Novogratz TED | Talks | Jacqueline...
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    For the Boaters Amongst Us - A Clean Marina

    I'm quite familiar with the Turks and Caicos Islands and received this from a friend. "An Eco-Marina The TCYC will be one of the world's first eco-marinas, designed to protect and preserve the pristine water in which it sets. In addition to exceeding all 22 Guidance Notes to the Blue Flag...
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    A few Wormy Words

    OK, how do you say in Spanish earthworm vermiculture vermicompost no dig gardening or no till farming
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    Crime Statistics - Not quite Funny Friday

    But some of the long time posters will chuckle with me ... For the last few years on the board, residents have reported that crime statistics in the DR are not reliable. Only to have others pipe up and tell us that crime has decreased/increased, depending on which side of the political fence...
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    Help Santiago - Food Boxes to 100 Families

    Let's help the families in Santiago. Forty dollars will feed a family for a number of days! So, I'm asking for 40 dollar donations if you can and if you cannot, anything that you can give. What I am thinking of, is short-term and quick help with food. Let's collect money, get it to...
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    Subtropical Storm OLGA was Late Season Tropical Depression 94

    First post by A.Hidalgo <table border="0" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0" width="100%"> <tbody><tr> <td class="alt2" style="border: 1px inset ;"> Atlantic SPECIAL TROPICAL DISTURBANCE STATEMENT 000 WONT41 KNHC 092158 DSAAT SPECIAL TROPICAL...
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    Drugs, Crime & Vigilance

    Lambada wrote another article that chronicles the relatively recent (within the past 10 years) 'entrance' of drugs into the DR life. She answers the question; "What has happened over the past 6 or so years that necessitates more personal vigilance from tourists and and expats alike. Enjoy!