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    Private Schools

    Hola DR1'ers, My husband and I oversee a new foundation in Camu, outside of POP. It is a home for vulnerable girls. Currently, we have one girl, aged seven, and are sending her (afternoons only) to the public school in town. As an educator, I am saddened by the number of missed days and the...
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    Residence Visa Card

    Hola, My husband and I are working through the process of applying for temporary residency. Apparently, one of the "newer" requirements is a residency visa card. Does anyone know how to access the info needed to get that? We did not need any sort of visa when we arrived last September. Thanks.
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    Hola from Camu

    Good Morning, My husband and I have lived in Camu for six months now, and I have a quick question for those having lived here longer. Has anyone ever successfully ordered a case of wine from the US to the DR, and if so, how? Thanks very much. Julie