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    Please Advice on small 4 day Vacation Getaway!!

    Hi everyone!!. I recently just moved to the DR, after living outside of it almost my entire life. It has been a freaking ride to say the least.... I am learning as I go. Special thanks go to Frank12 and Cobraboy for all their help. I have a very close friend flying down this weekend, and I...
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    internet rural cabrera area best choice

    hello everyone. I posted this topic before, somehow server was down. i live in la entrada, Cabrera. desperately need half way decent internet service. hate to go downtown cabrera every morning to handle my business issues online. there is no land lines from claro in la entrada, anyone maybe in...
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    Best affordable bank account and cell phone/internet service for sosua/cabrera

    Hi guys, I wanted to brainstorm all of you here regarding the basic services needed in the north coast. 1-Best cell phone service for Sosua to Samana area. contract or prepaid. strenght of signal. 2- best overall internet service. reliability,speed. preferably hot spot or stick. contract or...
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    Where to buy quality House Paint in DR, best prices?

    Hi Everyone, I will be painting my shack in the North Coast in the near future, saw some awesome colors on the Sherwin Williams website and if anyone has experience about where in the NC to buy good quality exterior paint or in the capital santo domingo... What in your experience locally is the...
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    Best way/ Route to go from Cabrera to Jarabacoa in a Motorcycle??

    What route would be the best way to go from Cabrera to Jarabacoa (la vega) in a motorcycle. Safest route that would be, also roughly time, what to watch out for. I was checking google maps but wanted to double check with the DR1 experts here. thanks in advance.
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    Does anybody Know where are any Public Swimming pools near cabrera for training?

    If anybody knows where to find any public, or available swimming or dive pools to train near Cabrera or surrounding areas for freediving/apnea/swimming training would be apreciated big time. 25m will be great, and if a 50m pool even better. I doubt there is one at all... thanks in advance.
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    The "This Girl is Different Syndrome". Don't send her money--phones- gifts.

    I wanted to start this thread so we can discuss the wrongheaded perception of "This one is different"... Please share your own experiences or stories you know about Dominican girls who hustle foreigners for Green Cards... money... phones... sick children or family menbers... and the guy...
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    Cabrera Area New Projects/ future Goverment Plans for the area?

    Does anyone Knows about any new projects coming to the Cabrera area? any goverment projects to jumpstart the Tourism sector in the Cabrera area? what are the future prospects for new businesses growth in the next 5 years? La entrada, Baoba del Pinal area growth? What about real estate...
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    All around Motorcycle for the DR. what would You pick?

    Just started this thread for in your opinion an all around Motorcycle for the Dr. qualifications would be: Reasonably affordable. availability of parts and being reliable. being able to go on the road and handle some trails. 2 stroke or four stroke? how big on the engine, how many ccs is...
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    Do they have sea tow or tow boat u.s. In the north coast?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if they have a salvage or tow boat service in the north coast similar to Sea Tow in the U.S? and if so what kind of rates are they charging? thanks to all replies in advance...
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    Has anyone done business with dr coastal properties in cabrera?

    HI, MIKE HERE. Has anyone on the board done business with DR Coastal Properties in Cabrera, maria trinidad sanchez? Are they reputable?.... honesT? The guy seemed really a nice young fellow, very helpful. Its just at my age I like to get some input from other people and refferrals when doing...
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    Advice on buying house in cabrera. Any info helps. Thanks!

    HI, my wife and I would love to purchase a small, decent house in Cabrera, close to the beach. Nothing fancy or Luxurious. a 2/1 close to entrada would do. My question is... what on average a house with a good clean title with no issues in decent condition, lets say 600 sqm is worth nowadays...
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    Looking to relocate to cabrera any info please help

    I have lived in the sosua area before, in Boca Chica and also in Santo Domingo Capital.... I have not been to the island in 2 years but i'm somewhat familiar with Rio San Juan and Nagua. Some friends have recomended to me to look into the Cabrera area and told me there is still good deals to...