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  1. CanWest66

    Cigars in the DR

    Thank you very much for the info. We will be making a trip to the capital. I will stop in and check it out, I definitely appreciate a strong maduro cigar. I too am a fan of La Gloria Cubana and I just ordered some from the US and a relative is bringing them to Santiago for me. I also like LFD...
  2. CanWest66

    Tourist highway that will connect Santiago and Puerto Plata will be ready in a month

    How long does it take to get to POP on the new route? I’m planning on taking it next week.
  3. CanWest66

    Recommended 4-5 star hotels in santiago

    I’m certainly not as experienced or as knowledgeable as the others who have posted but for what it’s worth: I stayed at the Hodelpa Centro Plaza (3 stars ?) a couple years ago and I liked it. Our room had a view of the monument and the breakfast was pretty good. I liked the central location...
  4. CanWest66

    Cigars in the DR

    Thanks for the tip. I have driven through Tamboril before and I did notice a number of small cigar producers in the area but I will have to spend a bit more time there for sure. I did take the La Aurora tour a couple of years ago and it was a very good experience. I may do it again if they are...
  5. CanWest66

    Puerto Plata restaurant recommendations

    Thank you all for the great suggestions. It looks like we will have to try out a few of these spots. I’m feeling hungry 😋
  6. CanWest66

    Hi everyone- Re-joining after several year

    Awesome, thank you 👍
  7. CanWest66

    Puerto Plata restaurant recommendations

    Thank you, I will check it out
  8. CanWest66

    Puerto Plata restaurant recommendations

    Hi all, I’m looking for some good gastronomy in POP city. Some place that a couple can enjoy a high quality meal that has some good ambiance. Not too fussy on the type of cuisine as long as it’s good and somewhat elegant.
  9. CanWest66

    Hi everyone- Re-joining after several year

    Hi Luperon, my old screen name was just CanWest. I couldn’t remember my old password and the email I was using then is now inactive. So I just created a new account.
  10. CanWest66

    Cigars in the DR

    Thank you, I think that event is called ProCigar. I would love to attend if I had the opportunity.
  11. CanWest66

    Cigars in the DR

    Thank you for the info. I will keep my eyes open.
  12. CanWest66

    Cigars in the DR

    Ok, I guess I will start this off and see if it goes anywhere. When talking about cigars I am only referring to hand made cigars using only natural tobacco. I am not interested in flavoured cigars or mass produced machine made cigars. So that being said here are some questions or topics of...
  13. CanWest66

    Cigars in the DR

    I would like to start a discussion about all things related to cigars in the DR. I travel to the DR from time to time and my wife is Dominican, so I have a connection with the country and the people who are my extended family. I plan at some point to live in the DR, at least part time. I am...
  14. CanWest66

    Hi everyone- Re-joining after several year

    Greetings everyone. I was on DR1 a few years ago and I decided to check back in. I live in Canada with my Dominican wife and our two children. We travel back to the DR about every 12 to 18 months. We mostly stay in Santiago and travel to the north coast to get to the beach and relax. I am...
  15. CanWest66

    Visitor visa for mother-in-law?

    Greetings Visa Forum, My wife is expecting and she would like her mother to be here(Canada)for the birth. My mother-in-law does not have great credentials as far as "ties" to the DR, but she does have some property and a job and significant family ties. I realize temporary resident visas are...
  16. CanWest66

    Santiago trip-photos

    My wife and I were in Santiago and area for three weeks visiting her family. Thought some of you might like to see some pics. Pictures by canwest1 - Photobucket
  17. CanWest66

    Car Rental in Santiago.

    Could someone please tell me if they know of a good car rental agency in Santiago. I have rented many times in the DR and booked through Expedia but I was wondering if there is a good local rental agent off airport. Thanks for any advice you can give.
  18. CanWest66

    Family adoption

    Is it possible to adopt a child related to you? My wife is Dominican and we live in Canada and we are wondering if it would be possible fo us to adopt a specific child related to her. Thanks for any information you give on this. CanWest
  19. CanWest66

    Cabarete by-pass.

    I have heard lately that there is a plan(or idea, I'm not sure which) to build a by-pass road around Cabarete and leaving the existing road through town for foot traffic only. Personally I quite like the idea, but I was wondering about the lagoon and the environmental impact of road construction...
  20. CanWest66

    Where to buy A/C unit Pto. Plata area?

    I am interested in getting an air conditioning unit for my apartment in Cabarete. Something to handle 1100 sq feet, two bed two bath. Anyone know of a reputable place that will also install? Cheers, Tom.