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    i bid a fond farewell

    Tomorrow morning may 13th, i take on the arduous task of departing this fine Island. I personally arrived in the beginning of december for the daunting task of remodeling a property that needed some work and helping with the hospitality of Guests. i have learned quite a bit ( some i dont even...
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    help with santo domingo bus

    Leaving this fine country on may 13th. will be taking a moto to sosua in the morning. then jumping on a caribe tour bus to santo domingo. My question is, does anyone know which omsa bus i would take to get me to las americanas airport? i cannot find any info that is specific after googling for...
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    american rocket stove instructions

    How to Build a Rocket Stove and Impress the Boys ;) | Survival maybe we should send them the Dominican instructions.
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    inexpensive liquor store in santiago

    going to Santiago in the morning and shopping for supplies for the hotel. Anyone know if liquor there can be found cheaper than in caberete/sosua area and where?
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    junta-distrital-de-cabarete is moving

    Noticed on my way into Janets wednesday that someone was painting letters on the big yellow building next to the fenraria. went back today at it has 2 seals above the right side doors and the words "junta-distrital-de-cabarete" interesting with all that went on last year with the corruption and...
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    former dominican killed by thug kid.

    working 2 jobs, had just stopped home to say hello to his wife and kids in between them. Boy, 14, shoots dad working two jobs dead on bus in Brooklyn | Fox News
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    Shoe Shopping

    Been doing quite a bit of heavy work over here and the boss has discovered he needs new shoes. He is picky and doesnt want to cheap (streetvan) crap. where is a decent place to get name brand athletic shoes, preferably north coast. We are in Cabarete.
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    newbie on the north coast.

    Greetings. I am working at a hotel east of cabarete. Will be here till March. Have been here since Dec 5th Enjoying all of your posts and help. Now if I could just figure out Dominican "engineering" we would all be set. Lol